One-eye 1 – foto Smith

Don’t know how to describe this new Ball & Smith song . . . maybe walkin’ talkin’ blues? Maybe just scaring the children.

Click here to listen: Sangha Song (the song).

Read here for lyrics

Sangha Song (the song)

What the word from there to here?
How the why that gets us there?
Where the walk to stalk the better?
Who the fool to choose this whether?

Bare tree stretches for the moon
Leaves along the land long strewn
Outside door social tomb
Sole hope for favor future womb

I mean well but fumble fall
Try to walk yet often crawl
Mostly though I offer all
Except for part of heart that’s dull

I am my own bad waking joke
Instead of winning I’d rather toke
Inside and out I’m often broke
Yet better try me to invoke

Words wobble well in wry delight
When one-on-one we lobby light
We bring to day some spark of night
To wrestle with our wrong to right

I mean well but crumble call
Try to crow but often crawl
But at least I give my all
Except for part of heart and skull

— Smith, 1.17.2013

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One-eye 2 – foto Smith

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