A rose by any other name – foto Smith

Red Rose Rising

It’s time
For winter to break
Through fall’s motley wake
The grass withdraws
To let winter pass
The earth holds her breath
Awaits spring rebirth
Nonetheless there’s one
Yet strives to leave winter undone
One rose alone in brave brittle pose
It tries to heed not the hostile skies
Or why it can only die
And waits
Fighting both fates
And clime

As shall I

— Smith, 1965 . . . 2004

One winter rose – foto Smith

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  1. A winter wonder…

    I love the lines ~

    The grass withdraws
    To let winter pass

    I’ve not been able to write with all that’s going on… but it is nice to let someone else’s words trickle over me… this poem felt good thanks.

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