Month: February 2013

  • Lady bits

    Lady flake – foto Smith Lady tee-shirt – collage & foto Smith Lady owl – drawing by Lady

  • Not InSane

    Not InSane: shAPeShiFTsmiTH – fotos Smith

  • Bridges

    Bridges are powerful. In a physical sense, it is a very notable thing when a bridge is built to connect one side of a city to another, one community to another.

  • the art Smiths

    On the Road – sculpture & foto by Smith Earth, moon, sun by Lady Spiral by Lady cut out paper collage by Smith

  • Cocoa clock cup

    cocoa clock drawing by Lady Used my cocoa clock poem at a workshop yesterday and folk wondered what a cocoa clock would look like, so while we went on to the other’s poems, Lady drew one. Poem’s supposed to bring a smile; instead brought a question mark from my sister saying she didn’t remember the […]

  • Lady & Smith by Smith & Lady

    She shadow – foto Smith He shadow – foto Lady She shadow – foto Smith He shadow – foto Lady She shadow – foto Smith He shadow – foto Lady She shadow – foto Smith He shadow – foto Lady

  • run bit it

    We’re keeping our eyes on you – foto Smith Having this false teeth chunk of intrusive plastic in my mouth every waking hour makes me wonder how horses feel about being ridden with a metal bit forced into their mouths which is pulled and jerked to turn or stop. Can’t be pleasant. Man(un)kind certainly places […]

  • Cocoa Clock

    Cut different – foto Smith Hors d’Oeuvres Grandma had this cocoa clock each half hour a small cocoa cup came out and steamed its whistle while every hour a cocoa bean popped the door and piped “Cocoa” Cocoa” once each hour for hour it was. I’d sit and watch in awe sipping my hot cup […]

  • side 1 ~ side 2

    ET 12 – foto Smith “two sides to each equation” – from Ylem 1, Smith, 2011 Good advice – foto Smith

  • Toolset for Reality

    I would like to plunk parts of the set onto the template with the understanding that the set is very large, and that what I plunk onto it might not always be pithy. I would like to plunk pieces of the puzzle onto it, the n-dimensional puzzle such that reality will interpolate gently, understand with compassion, and extrapolate beautifully.