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I was thinking about the Cleveland Five, the young men who were led astray and attempted to damage a bridge. I’ve been musing about bridges and the affection I feel for them and what this means in the context of my sadness over the situation of the Cleveland Five.

Bridges are powerful. In a physical sense, it is a very notable thing when a bridge is built to connect one side of a city to another, one community to another.

Sometimes they’re controversial, like bridges that have been built over neighborhoods, eliminating some existing housing, erecting a physical barrier in the neighborhood. But that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m interested today in the positive aspects of bridges. I’m interested in bridges that connect.

beautiful bridge trees friends

So there are bridges that connect such that we are one world, one peace, such that we know we are one piece of world. These bridges go all around the world. You can always find a bridge by just watching a video and learning about the beauty of another culture:

And there are bridges between the material world and the mind of God (however you define It, God/Goddess/Reality/Interconnectedness)… bridges that make God more┬áperceptible┬áto us, like praying, just meditating and perhaps talking to God, thinking about God, doing something good, appreciating reality.

There are bridges that connect you to me, family member to family member–the bridge of communication is one of the best bridges of all. There’s also the bridge of example, but it is very good to be able to communicate respectfully and hopefully joyfully with each other. It’s a good thing to be able communicate well as a mature adult, although I wouldn’t say that just because one doesn’t communicate well doesn’t mean that they are not mature. It’s just that, well, it helps a lot. And although although it hasn’t been very prevalent in modern life, I think that with social media, it is becoming more so, and that all people are really starting to wake up, look around, see what they are doing and not doing, and adjust accordingly.

~ Lady

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