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Cocoa clock cup

cocoa clock drawing by Lady

Used my cocoa clock poem at a workshop yesterday and folk wondered what a cocoa clock would look like, so while we went on to the other’s poems, Lady drew one.

Poem’s supposed to bring a smile; instead brought a question mark from my sister saying she didn’t remember the clock. Told her I’d made it all up.

As I brought a cup of cocoa for Lady I impulsively quipped that I used to have a cocoa clock that went “cocoa, cocoa” every hour. She smiled and said “you silly thing” so I went with it.

It’s a two-sided choice-poem . . . world of magic vs. world of tooth and claw . . . innocence of youth vs. poke of experience . . . glass more full than empty. . .

Hors d’Oeuvres

Grandma had this cocoa clock
each half hour a small cocoa cup
came out and steamed its whistle
while every hour a cocoa bean
popped the door
and piped “Cocoa Cocoa”
once each hour for hour it was.

I’d sit and watch in awe
sipping my hot cup of cuckoo.

Of course Mother Goo’s other gruel
was soft paws, sharp claws,
in-laws, life cause,
and preposed pause.

Been there
where ain’t no way to win
or even come out even.

I prefer the cocoa clock

— Smith, 2.21.2013

cocoa clock drawing by Lady

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