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complicated – foto Smith

Facebook friend gave me a term for something I’ve been experiencing for decades but didn’t know had a name — ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response.

It’s a rolling shiver that moves up the back of my neck into the rear of my brain vibrating in waves of pleasure.

I experience this reliably when I’m driving and look up at chain-linked fenced overpasses as we pass beneath — when I see the moving moirĂ© patterns of the front links against the rear, it sends shivers up the back of my brain.

Also get it when I slowly lower my torso into a hot bath . . . once my neck hits the water, the tingles roll up my neck into my brain.

Plan to use this sensation in a novel about stealing a second section of my soul. Appreciate finally having a term for what I’ve been trying to explain. I’ve always seen it as ‘recharging’ some psychicsoulspirit gland.

When I get a good hit from a highway overpass, it also causes a small body shudder as it fades, and an inner flesh afterglow.

Sometimes I mentally “squeeze” inside my head down in the back and send a small wave up on demand, but they’re always way weaker than those induced by heat or moirĂ©.

soothing – foto Smith

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