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I dood it

Peter ball on keyboard, me at mic – foto Lady K

Well, I dood it. Something I’ve never done and was convinced I couldn’t do — I got up on stage with a band and in front of poets and strangers sang three songs.

I made lots of mistakes — the audience laughing caused me to laugh and lose my place a couple times . . . I lost timing because the band played live over our original recordings and my memorized musical cues were covered . . . and not only we did we not practice as a group, ever, but our performance was the first time I’d met DJ Dimitri van Puptent and electric guitar / tabla player Rick Wager . . . keyboardist and composer of the music Peter Ball was the only one who’d played with everyone.

Yet it worked, at least for me, especially for my first time. The 20-minute set went whooooosh and was over just like that. Had fun and another fine time one-of-a-kind adventure.

I want to thank Peter Ball who tried for 15 years to get me to record with him before I finally gave in in 2002 and made a fool of myself . . . after I got used to being the fool, we created some fine unique tunes together. Jamming with Peter has changed for the better my reading style, and I’ve written a slew of new poems for us to jam on.

If we get a chance to do this again, I’ll be there.

I & I at mic – foto Lady K

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