Month: April 2013

  • Rumi Sufi Seuss

    Rumi world – foto Smith Lady: I’m going to look into the Sufi, they interest me and I know very little about them. me: I like Sufis, they’re the sect with the greatest sense of humor. Lady: Rumi was a Sufi. me: Rumi Sufi Sufi Rumi. . . what, he could only afford two vowels, […]

  • Be Guns Begone Begun

    danger – foto Smith Be Guns Begone Begun 13 I put the muzzle of my single shot 22 against a bumblebee buzzing flower and BAM no bee to be rather or not no question 14 I was shot at by an irate owner who objected to two kids stealing his car out of his attached […]


    You know what? / The best thing is / not / just / thought. / The best thing is / how / thought / creates your actions. / Can your actions / create your thoughts?

  • arrt whorl

    arrt – foto Smith Don’t know what Reality is trying to tell me. Three weeks ago my year-old wristwatch band broke. I stapled it back together. Week later the watch rightly died — it was 5-years old and was tired, deserved a break. Last week my 8-month old camera died. Also last week my year-old […]

  • Danger danger . . . Mr. Smith may be off net awhile

    I may disappear from the net for an unknown bit, hopefully short if it goes that way. My computer is malfunctioning, turning itself off with no warning after 10-20 minutes. Weird omens from the Great Mind . . . week ago my wristwatch died, last week my power cord went out and my camera died. […]

  • 1st Annual Tremont Poetry Crawl

    Lady reading 1st Annual Tremont Poetry Crawl – foto Smith My segment of today’s reading was fast and effective:- 8 poems, 6 minutes, most new, never read. Folk laughed where there were supposed to, especially over Lady’s and my Valentine Day conversation. We had to read on the sidewalk in the cold without a mic […]

  • 4:20, 4/20, 4/21 — poetry & pot

    Oaxacan Gold, $30 per 1/4 pound, Mexico 2007-2009 – foto Smith Lady & I will be part of tomorrow’s 55 poet 11 venue 4 hour Tremont Poetry Crawl. Along with poets Shelley Chernin, host Cavana Faithwalker and the rarely seen Jim Lang, Lady and I will be reading for 10 minutes each at the Doubting […]

  • web we weave

    spider 2007, Croatia – foto Smith “Oh what a tangled web we weave” — Sir Walter Scott, 1808 My previous post was my latest poem, “What Web We Weave.” Today going through my ‘W’ titles, I found the same 4-words with the 1st two words reversed titling a poem I wrote last year. I must […]


    These men, their stews & / hermitude

  • what web we weave

    the cat in the crack – foto Smith What Web We Weave Left in Leavenworth for smuggling yeast I sold two who towels to hoot owls and reasoned with beasts Had I two evils I’d rent them by the hour be the leaser of two evils Down Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street I dream of […]