Oaxacan Gold, $30 per 1/4 pound, Mexico 2007-2009 – foto Smith

Lady & I will be part of tomorrow’s 55 poet 11 venue 4 hour Tremont Poetry Crawl.

Along with poets Shelley Chernin, host Cavana Faithwalker and the rarely seen Jim Lang, Lady and I will be reading for 10 minutes each at the Doubting Thomas Gallery Sunday April 21 from 1-2pm.

There are 16 other poets reading simultaneously at three nearby venues. Same scenario from 2:30-3:30 (14 poets, 3 venues), and again from 4-5pm (4 venues, 21 poets).

Somewhat of a dilemma because too many people I’d like to see reading simultaneously at different sites. Here’s schedule, poets, and sites: Tremont Crawl.

There’s a lot of mis-information floating about over the origin of 420 as the national day to celebrate and the daily time to smoke marijuana. The most common misconception being 420 is the California police code for a marijuana bust, which t’ain’t true. In actuality it came from four Marin county California kids who met at 4:20 every afternoon to hunt for an abandoned marijuana patch in the forest. They never found it, but they smoked a lot of weed in the process and in the process adopted 420 as slang for all things marijuana, and their hanging out with the Grateful Dead during their rehearsals helped pass it on to a much larger crowd. They even have letters from the 1970s to prove it to High Times’ satisfaction.

Origin of 420 >> How ‘420’ Became the Big Day for Weed Smokers Across America.

Our 15 months in Oaxaca Mexico were a toker’s paradise – a quarter pound of Kind or Chronic was $30. Every month I got a quarter pound of weed and a couple $2 grams of black hash; the last 4 months I also bought a couple $2 grams of opium as well.

Lady K

If Eve hadn’t given Adam that apple
I wouldn’t be smoking today
Even so
I tried to serve Sky God
but I was drawn to that old Debbil Weed
I became a happy pappy
papa puff daddy
gadfly to gladly
nouveau bohemian in old school crowd
Sir Laugh-a-Lot of Pot-a-Lot
to Queen MaryJane
Lady Day to Lady K
Kafka to a kiss

— Smith with Lady K, 2006

grass seed for sale Amsterdam 2006 – foto Smith

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