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me and Shakey(speare)

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Was on the English news site Guardian and to the left of an article on Shakespeare, they displayed an Amazon ad for my memoir “Stations of the Lost & Found – A True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country” by Smith & Lady.

At least they have us in appropriate company. to buy on Amazon. to buy on CreateSpace. on Facebook for fotos, art, raw material, extracts, and reader comments.

One side note — this book is my life from 1946 through 2006, but it is really Lady’s book because she’s the one who insisted we needed to write it now, not later. She also started it by gathering my true stories and poems together and then interviewing me for more. She created the initial manuscript and then we spent 7 years passing it back and forth 40 times or so, each of us editing, deleting, rearranging, adding.

Check out the Facebook link to see the good words being received from readers. Maj Ragain said he’s never read anything quite like it, that it had crept into his dreams.

A few comments:

Wednesday Kennedy: your book is my toilet reading Steven Smith it’s terrific.
I can pick it up on any page. I love your book so much Smith. I just went to the toilet and read another paragraph it was only a wee …ahaha. a poo and I can get through a whole page. your book gets better with a second read and on the loo i can really relax into it ahaha.

Mary E. Weems: A real page-turner, downstairs in my front room laughing my ass off—instead of exercising which was the plan before I opened you to read for about 10 minutes…, my friend, wow….

And a fine write by book and paper artist Melissa Jay Craig (aka Filed Marshal May Midwest): Stations of the Lost and Found, co-written with his lovely and talented wife, Lady K, is utterly, at times even painfully, honest. It’s all there: outrageous drug use, armed robbery, sex, adultery, his near-death by alcohol…and, perhaps glossed-over a tiny bit: redemption. A Next Chapter needs to be written, definitely.

I liked this book, A Lot. Much more than Kerouac, to which it has been compared. Yes, Smith is my friend; I’ve read earlier versions and have known some of the stories for years (and have lived through some as well, though I learned some new things, like about the LSD). This is the best telling ever, no question, and I think I would have liked it if I didn’t know him or the stories. Smith’s own blurb about the book is much, much better than anything I can write; so please read it here. He has led one strange life. The oddest thing about it, though, is that Smith is – and has always been – one of the most morally sound people I know. And absolutely one of the funniest. One story that didn’t make it to the book is something another friend told him years ago (the second thing that comes to my mind after ‘brave’): “Smith, if we just went by the facts, none of us would be here.” Read this book; it’s truly true and stranger than fiction.

Smith’s brain – foto Smith

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