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arrt whorl

arrt – foto Smith

Don’t know what Reality is trying to tell me.

Three weeks ago my year-old wristwatch band broke. I stapled it back together. Week later the watch rightly died — it was 5-years old and was tired, deserved a break.

Last week my 8-month old camera died.

Also last week my year-old laptop power supply cord died. Dug out the faulty one I’d replaced and kept right on computing, so the laptop said I’ll show you and started over-heating and turning itself off after being on anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes, so I’d let it cool down and if I were lucky I’d get 10-20 minutes an hour.

So I said heck with it, I spend too much time online and on computer, maybe it’s time to go cold turkey. Been concerned about my psychological dependence on the internet anyway. And who needs a watch when you’ve a dumbfone that tells time and date. But then we went to Target for her shoes and I got another $20 Casio because it was old-timey with a round school clock white face with black numbers and actual second and minute hands.

Figured I could borrow Lady’s camera for the occasional foto, and use her laptop when she goes to bed anywhere from 6:30 – 7:30 (she gets up at 2:30am).

Then I remembered I’d bought a 2-year replacement warranty on the camera for $10, called Micro Center and inquired, and they said sure, bring it in, we’ll give you a new one. Since we were going out there, Lady glanced at their laptops and found one on sale for $279, which may or may not be cheaper than repairing my intermittent one.

Got out there, Lady suggest I use her camera instead and she’d use her smartfone camera so we could apply the $100 camera replacement to the laptop. Micro Center said fine, so we added a 2-year extension replacement policy and I now have her used camera and my new 3-year protected laptop . . . last laptop lasted four years.

Of course new computer has Windows 8, which seems to think I’m an idiot with fat slow fingers and slower mind, and all the keys are different so I’m going wrong places doing incorrect things, and the touch pad is so sensitive it confuses passing air currents with finger taps and goes strange places to do unknown things, but all that is what keeps life interesting, yes?

Oh, in transferring my files twixt cyber critters, find I have around 50,000 fotos taken past 10 years, maybe 5,000 of them posted.

Laptop Dance

Set laptops in laps
“Armed, Captain”
open monitor lids
“Shields raised and ready”
turn on
“Make it so”
go cyberwhere
parasitic lap lover
excreting heat and bitten bytes
symbiotic sex self
slaving in lap
mingling freqs
freak to geek
pulse to pulse passion
flowing go
upload and down
with a bit of the old port in n out
until she cries
“Use me used, you USB”
(if only I had more RAM in my ROD)

– Smith, 2011

sunarise – foto Smith

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