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Be Guns Begone Begun

danger – foto Smith

Be Guns Begone Begun

13 I put the muzzle of my single shot 22
against a bumblebee buzzing flower
and BAM
no bee to be
rather or not no question

14 I was shot at by an irate owner
who objected to two kids stealing his car
out of his attached garage next to the picture window
he was sitting with his back to
while watching TV
as we rolled his car down the driveway
hoping he wouldn’t hear
but he came out yelling
then dashed back in
back out with a rifle
and started shooting
I mean, we were in it of course
so he was shooting at us
but still it was his metal between

23 I robbed two stores with a gun in my belt
made me feel big
until I saw the second clerk’s fear
her not knowing I’d not hurt her
me knowing I’d lost

Which led to more running from cops
but for once getting caught
with twenty gunned cops
pointing pistols at me
and a year in prison

67 sees both ends wrong
violence do or done
downs all
force don’t purify course

— Smith, 4.26.2013

don’t play with guns – foto Smith

One Response to “Be Guns Begone Begun”

  1. seems the ills of society immpress themselves like the patterns of a mandala on us as individuals thereby creating the fabric of it…, until we choose to be the ones that become the painter. A good reason all should be artist, eh?

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