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Rumi Sufi Seuss

Rumi world – foto Smith

Lady: I’m going to look into the Sufi, they interest me and I know very little about them.

me: I like Sufis, they’re the sect with the greatest sense of humor.

Lady: Rumi was a Sufi.

me: Rumi Sufi Sufi Rumi. . . what, he could only afford two vowels, the U and I?

Lady: Ha . . . ha . . .

me: So is the Sufi Rumi the Rumi with a view? And if he lives in a large place, would it be a Rumi room? If he ran a thoughtful country would it be a Rumi-nation?

Lady: Steve, you should write those down. I mean, they’re not very funny, more like lite humor, but the fact you said them so quickly is impressive.

me: High praise.

Rumi by way of Dr Seuss
“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you” — Rumi

“Only the lonely” the radio sings
to my heart inside with its variable wings
that fly through the cosmos inside and out
giving universal oneness an outright shout
for I am you and you are me and we be
together illusion rounded about
rich in collusion and agreed upon see
each with our input, each with our clout
we’re all many ones combined into swarm
merely collapsed Heisenbergian wave form
so do not feel lonely, as Rumi says
our out is within, a morality play
we are not only this speck trapped in time
but many an any wrapped Rumi rhyme

— Smith, 2012

Rumi nation – foto Smith

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  1. Clever and appropriate title, Dr. Smith – indeed.
    btw, must comment here in all the future/passed
    your myspace still won’t stop self-erasing…
    frustration with a caster – 😉

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