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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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from Genesis to apocalypsim

Relativity – foto Smith

An odd one, recorded yesterday.

Low-slow easy-going-nowhere almost-vocal floating through a junkyard of outer space sound.

Click here to hear or download free: Statement, Mix B


Let us take this world that is rather round
And topsy turvy turn her upside down
Then all the oceans which cover her face
Would soon drain off into outer space

Without the water it’s a bouncy ball
Drop it out the window and watch it fall
How it falls so fast how it hits so hard
Bouncing in pieces all over the yard

From the Genesis to Revelations
And evolution through all its stages
From the flood down through apocalipsim
We’re fighting for a better system

Take a stick and stick the world on top
My goodness what we have is a huge lollipop
But o alas what’s the use of it all
I can’t take a lick cuz my tongue’s too small

— Smith, 5.14.2013

Music, mix and recording by Peter Ball; worfds and vocal Smith.

Sixty-some more musical collaborations at

Innerlight – foto Smith

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