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spoon a little spoon with me

learn how to spoon with Spoon Too Soon

Here’s the second of four short pieces I wrote for the Blue Sky Folk Festival on this Saturday’s performers.

We’ll be getting there at 11:30 to attend Spoon Too Soon’s spooning workshop so we too can entertain with kitchen implements.

Spoon Too Soon

The upbeat off-beat Northeastern Ohio acoustic duo Spoon Too Soon breaks through the usual wall between performer and audience by using humor, harmony and . . . kitchen utensils.

You can check them out at the 3rd Annual Blue Sky Folk Festival May 4, 2013 in Kirtland, Ohio.

With voices born to sing together, Lenora Darlin and Bow Yocum formed Spoon Too Soon in 2010 to showcase their mix of original, Americana, folk and country with smooth harmony, guitar, fiddle and spoons. There’s a lot of smiles and affection in their performance of positive, up-tempo songs (possibly provided by their getting married last summer), and they always reel the audience in with their spoons, especially the kids. It’s rather like sitting out on the back porch with friends.

Lenora sings, plays percussion and, of course, spoons. Bob says she’s the inspiration for it all, and has a song to prove it (“Don’t Count Me Out”).

Bob has performed in local bands for years, including Better than Bacon, the Hot Foot Quartet, Whiskey River Band, The Silver String Band, and still performs with Abbey Rodeo on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica and vocals.

Spoon Too Soon’s music swings from 1940’s light-hearted odes of love to old-time classic country. If you want a good reason to catch them, stop by their website at and listen to “How’d Ya Like to Spoon with Me.” Their delightful banter is guaranteed to make you smile; if it doesn’t, you’re probably too cranky to be going out anyway. Bob channels a bit of 1940’s Jimmy Durante on this one.

They are also giving a “How to spoon” workshop at Blue Sky (the percussive spoons, not the older meaning of “a horizontal hug lying back to chest, fitting into each other’s nooks like spoons in a drawer”).

Their songs can be heard online:
“A, You’re Adorable” – >
“Bluebird on Your Windowsill” –
“Don’t Count Me Out” – (an original song)
“This Old House” –
“How’d Ya Like to Spoon with Me”

Find them on Facebook:

Watch them on YouTube:
“Down by the Water” —

The 3rd Annual Blue Sky Folk Festival Saturday, May 4, 2013 is a day-long folk music jam with workshops, great food, and an inside main stage. New this year: more tents for jammers and a dance floor near the main stage. More details at Bring your blankets & lawn chairs. There is a playground and storytelling for the kids. Bring your instrument to jam and get a $5 discount. Come enjoy local artists playing original music.

On the grounds of the East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 10848 Chillicothe Rd / SR 306, 1/4 mile south of SR 6 in Kirtland, Ohio. Tickets $10 at the door, $8 seniors 65+, kids are free! 11:00am until 7:00pm. Service dogs only at the festival, please.

— Steven B. Smith, 4.10.2013 for Blue Sky Folk Festival

Lenora Darlin & Bow Yocum of Spoon Too Soon

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