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2013 Cleveland Gay Pride Parade

2013 Cleveland Gay Pride Parade – foto Smith

Lady and I marched in yesterday’s annual Gay Pride Parade with her West Shore Universalist Unitarian church. Must say the UUs do walk their talk of accepting everyone as they are regardless of sexual orientation, color, gender or even belief or non-belief because I saw at least three different Unitarian congregations there.

The West Shore group had 30 members wear PVC pipe exo-skeletons wrapped in white sheets so they looked like angels with wings . . . when we reached the Christian protesters with their megafones saying everyone who believed differently than they did were going to go to hell, the angels formed a barricade between them and the marchers. Brilliant, simple, gentle.

It’s interesting, Lady brings protest marches, gay pride marches, weekly walking of dogs for the APL, volunteering to help streams for the Metroparks and more into my life. If this keeps up they’re going to kick me out of the Hermit’s Club.

Actually that’s not true. The hermits could technically kick me out, but they’re all so anti-social they can never get enough members together at the same time in one place to get the quorum needed to vote me out, so I’m safe; once you’re a hermit, you’re a hermit for life.

2013 Cleveland Gay Pride Parade – fotos Smith

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