Month: July 2013

  • Ironic Sludge

    Early Bird, 8′ x 6″, 1993, Smith – foto Smith I do the Jumble puzzle every day, the one where you unscramble four words for clues and try to decipher an offbeat cartoon to unscramble a final frequently punny answer . . . like you’d get the clue “Even though he didn’t have a brain, […]


    Holy spots the Qaaba the Wailing Wall the Statue of Liberty the ground we walk on the ground we can’t get to to walk on That’s OK Peace in letting some ground lay there Peace in letting the adornment be there the garlands of whatever on it Just stopping the insanity Soaking in the sanity […]

  • Land, Lake, Sky 2013 Jeffry Chiplis

    Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis, 2013, 25′ x 7′ permanent installation Cleveland Convention Center – fotos Smith Here’s Jeffry Chiplis’ latest recycled argon tube installation at the new underground Cleveland Convention Center – it’s titled Land, Lake, Sky. He had me help him install it, so I documented the process. It was cool being […]

  • dream on Dreamweaver

    moonchild – foto Smith I helped found-recycled-upcycled neon artist Jeffry Chiplis install his 25′ x 7′ argon tube permanent installation “Land, Lake, Sky” in the new underground Cleveland Convention Center before it opened. Took lots of fotos and went to add them to his website and discovered my 2004 copy of Dreamweaver which I use […]

  • Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis

    Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis, 2013, 25′ x 7′ – foto Smith New crop of art all mind, no heart all plan, no spark That’s why I like Jeffry Chiplis’ scavenged found-neon recycled art – it is heart and mind and full of spark (especially since he uses electric transformers to run it). You […]

  • Hot Heat Slide ‘n Seek

    coffee bean Lady – fotos Smith Hauled cat, laptops, stuffed chair, milk crate and assorted oddities into 11 by 13 foot bedroom where our single small antique window air conditioner resides. Third floor, 90° hotcloudlesssunsmacksky, 77% humidity, no breeze . . . you do the moist, I mean math. I was raised in 10% humidity […]

  • new jokes on me

    new morning – fotos Smith Added a second chicken/egg joke to Jokerman, deleted two other jokes because they were nasty, fixed the timing, flexed the flow. Jokerman Didn’t Thich Nhat Hanh open for Was (Not Was)? Why does the sign always say Rite-Aid? Maybe I want to go to Wrong-Aid for once. What is the […]


    Fidel Pervasiveness / making Bathtub in Itself / making Backscrubber / making Soap / and scrubbing Itself

  • so it goes

    industrial sperm – foto Smith So It Goes No yes in my no much no in my go my me out of flow From Revelations to juxtaposition I gotta get in better position Down ain’t out and out ain’t in no matter what social lies they spin I walk my way outside the pen work […]

  • listen kid

    pursuit of happiness – foto Smith Listen Kid Life is sharp edges, blunt instruments, sunsets, purring kittens, hungry tigers . . . And we? We see, upright the wrong. — Smith, 7.8.2013 sorry kids – foto Smith