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Archive for July, 2013


Sunday, July 7th, 2013





comparing 1986 censors’ brain size to mine

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Parma censors by Melissa Jay Craig, 1986

This was ex-Clevelander and current Chicago pulp sculptress Melissa Jay Craig’s postcard comment on my being censored by Tri-C West on Parents’ Day 1986.

She’s comparing the censors’ brain size to mine.

A Plain Dealer article on it mentioned:
A rapid-fire sequence of events culminated in what one observer described as “the best happening I’ve seen in years” at the opening that night. Many people who were present didn’t know what was going on in the confusion; reports vastly differed.
According to both Smith and gallery co-director David Vargo , Smith agreed to the removal of the disputed works but insisted on a notification of censorship in their place. When these were removed by a school official, Smith said he wrote “censored” in the blanks on the wall with a ball point pen.

Here’s the rest of the article . . .


A plethora of pictures, a wanting of words

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Rock & Flow

Between stone and soft place
beneath green rise
hard dark above old gray below
in life scar flow
one rock garden

– Smith, 7.4.2013

A plethora of pictures, a wanting of words
foto Smith



Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Padding lightly
or thumping footfalls
on the trail
percussion by foot
percussion by run

And the percussion
of my heartbeat
steadier even than my foot

Magestic, the outdoors
the woods
the wilded

Tapestry more ordered
with its clusters
dapples and splays
than anything we do,
we humans

Even invasive phragmites
wave with some kind of grace

Thumping on the trail
I think I am Ohio grown
Virginia sown

What was Virginia called
before it was
called Virginia?

By the people who lived there
so long?

Thumping on the trail
I wonder
is that
how indigenous people ran here?

Did they run
very many established trails
or did they weave
between the leaves more often
did they bend
blades of grass
outside of baskets

All I can do is
and feel it out
and put my foot out
sound it out
feel it out
foot it out

I noticed the other day
how my left foot is surer
than my right

And my right hand surer
than my left

What kinds of variables
govern that, I do not know

Maybe diagonals bolster strength
for some kind of basket

Self carried through itself
felt and footed around, sounded out
thumping down the trail

~ Lady


Rodman Robot

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Rodman Robot terrorizes neighborhood – foto Smith

She He Symphony

How’s your joystick, how’s your rod?

If I painted it red, it’d be a red rod.
If I heated it up, it’d be a hot rod.
If I made it musical, it’d be rod & roll.

If movie, we’d be
Clitoris Day & Rod Hugbuns.

— Smith & Lady, 7.2.2013

pp dd – foto Smith


metal love yum bliss

Monday, July 1st, 2013

metal love yum bliss – fotos Smith

Feel Shard

Metal love yum bliss
steel hard surface
yet tender as is
providing purpose
and reason to rise
with inner porpoise
defeating the lies
withholding service

— Smith, 7.1.2013


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