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mass mind in bloom of blossom, or rabbit run?

There’s a lot not right in the world . . . sea, sky, land, weather, TV, pop music, potable water, plants, critters, us. And we have it in us to make many things less worse just by stopping being such pricks about money and borders and ceilings and greed and getting ahead.

What’s the sense of winning it all if it’s all dirtied in the process?

Fool killer comin’.

If we don’t clean up our room on our own, Mommy Earth just might do it for us. For example there’s these Texas rabbits that just hop and eat and flux all fine and dandy until they flux once too often and suddenly there are too many rabbits and not enough food and and even less flux space and much much more stress and WHAM rabbits develop a nervous disease and start pulling their plug all over the place until there’s enough space to do it all over again, and again, and again.

One way or another, things get set back in order.

Rabbit Run

There’s a cult of African ants
who construct arched hives

But only when populous enough

Until then,
they specialize in false starts

When enough exist

not enough workers
or enough pushers
or enough grasshopper guards

but simply enough ants

Mass mind kicks in
and arches arch

Pre-mind arches arch up and over
till over

Mass-Mind inserts keystone

Why do more ant units = keystone logic?

What evolutionary advantage accrue arched ants?

No Ant Popes?
No Arch Ant Conservatives?
No SubCult MassMind McDonald franchise?
(tho believe too late for latter prevention)

Ant politicians must be one happy critter:
For once it IS quantity
NOT quality

The Texas rabbits I understand
They reach critical population density
They develop nervous disorder
They die
Make room for daddy

Which are we?

Mass Mind in bloom of blossom?
Or rabbit run?

— Smith, 1997


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