Month: October 2013

  • 2 musics, same sexual innuendo

    me at mic, Peter Ball on keybords, Dimitri van Puptent on laptop performing at Mahall’s March 2013 This week’s recording session took a new tack — used same lyrics and did two totally different songs. First take is semi-funky: Natural Geographic. Second take is soft, sweeter: Natural Geo. Both takes same sexual innuendo. Thanks to […]

  • The Not O.K. Corral

    Warning – slippery surface Did it! Wrote 31 poems for October for the Crisis Chronicles Press project featuring Mary E. Weems, Shelley Chernin, Dawn Shepler Shimp, John Swain, Steve Brightman, John Burroughs, Lady K, and me. This is going to be an interesting book when it comes out since we’re all such different poets. The […]


    Today is Samhain, the ancient Irish holiday / in which fairy folk (I’m part fairy) / and “dead” kin can connect / even more readily / with the living

  • Reading Room

    Reading Room Reading Auden in the living room, Stevens in the john. Good to sit, good to go. – Smith, 10.30.2013


    I prophecize / blooms / flowers springing open / gentle velvet unfolding / sproinging normal seasons / budding ad infinitum / until the sun’s old age / consumes / this planet

  • Holy Martin Luther, Batman ! ! !

    sky lodge Holy Martin Luther, Batman ! ! ! (quotes by Martin Luther, 1483-1546, father of the Protestant religion.) You dear asses. You poisonous loudmouth. You are jugglers of imaginary sins. I would not smell the foul odor of your name. You are a bungling magpie, croaking loudly. All you say is sealed with the […]


    Peeling back the avalanche / the headache / the blizzard / the overflowing inbox / the incidents of the nuts & bolts / of dealing with life– / all those card hands

  • By Sin of Reason Worship

    the crack between the now and then By Sin of Reason Worship Forgive me O Great Furthur for I sin in seeking logic in your willful whirl. I prod cause for effect, weigh the yea and nay of yes and no, move for right unwrung from wrong so sin in reason worship. No selling sacrificial […]


    Towheaded children / at the pow wows

  • Tin Wouldman

    Tin Woodman collage by Lady K Tin Wouldman Art heart thou art, Tin Woodman thy empty space outfilling place you rest in exo-tin softer than calloused skin firm fondness felt for care to spare beware the eye of other their chitinous text firm beating flesh bereft of heft in immoral press of next for blood […]