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Deconstructing Cyborg Smith

Deconstructing Cyborg Smith

1950s: once a year I’d rip flesh open
and parents would dash me to town for stitches.

1969: first operation, deviated septum.

1976: second operation, nut-cut sterilized.

1977: collar bone, ribs break, crack pelvis.

1985: fall down hill, break both wrists both elbows.

1989: squishy movable blob cut from finger.

1991: alcohol crash burn bled to death, woke in ICU.

2005: cancer cut from voice box

2006: 8 weeks radiation
2006: throat biopsy and removal of nose polyps
which filled my head eye socket to brain pan

2008: hernia operation left side.

2011: right hip replacement.

2012: hernia operation right side.

2013: all but 8 lower teeth removed.
2013: all upper teeth removed.
2013: bone spur cut from upper jaw (today).
2013: in three weeks, voice box bump cut out,
biopsied, will await outcome.

Synthetic mesh in left groin,
more mesh in right,
titanium ball and screw and ceramic socket in hip,
metal plastic eye glasses,
plastic upper teeth and metal plastic partial.

Welcome to Cyborg Smithworld.
I now set metal detectors off in courthouses, airports.

Lady’s searching for my receipt and warrantee,
just to see
but still says she plans on keeping me.

I’m one-of-a-kind prototype anyway,
factory decided not to proceed with production.
For obvious reasons.

So if you want to meet the real me
best hurry
before there’s less be to see.

– Smith, 10.14.2013

ear nose throat – fotosmith

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