Come home to now–

Rebuild family and
protect Mother Earth

This is how to be home,
says Thich Nhat Hanh

I notice the features
of our landscape
and the tools
of this home vocabulary

Working and reworking,

(clumsily at first–
tight ordinances remembered)

Being home
as a meticulous janitor
as a craftsperson
cleaning up my mistakes
polishing what good’s
been wrought

I’m finding my peace
community building
like an excavation

An excavation uncovering
how special friends are
I would like to turn gently
from one to another
friend where features
meet the sky
and friend
the points to the border
in every direction

Make my ears like
listening pillows
not smothering,
but where expressions
can come to rest

Pillows for capacitance
days of capacitance

Like Thich Nhat Hanh says
turn back to one gently
a well-considered, sensitive
yet unsuffered response
from the factory of smoothness

I’ve learned gentleness

I’m working on remembering it
for my sangha of health
community of cheer

~ Lady

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