She’s very much like us,
I told my husband, who was
holding our companion cat

She has feelings too,
and she is sitting there thinking
while in your arms

I don’t know if she has any words
in her head, I said

But she thinks–be it in
words, image, feelings

I wonder what she thinks about,
he said

I think she thinks about what
we think about, I said, and we’re
actually in a thinking cloud

The thinking cloud is around
us, I said, and we just operate
in it

Do we have any different thoughts?
he asked

We might have individualized takes
on the topics that the
thinking cloud is thinking
but much of it is the thinking cloud
there might be some unique stuff though
depends on what we tune in to

Aliens stole my brain, he said

Ah, no worries, I said
It’s all in the cloud

~ Lady

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