Month: December 2013

  • A Hatcheck Girl in a Capitalist Bar

    the hatcheck girl, (detail from Mother Dwarf collage) A Hatcheck Girl in a Capitalist Bar The capitalist in the hatcheck bar suggested to the coatroom girl insofar as tips were concerned she could go far, for flirting brought her twenty-five cents, while cleavage shown was a dollar, and sharing her tits would pay the rent […]


    You’re like immediate surf / surging around and in and / through and through me

  • Counting Coup

    Counting Coup Satan thinks he owns my soul but with each foto I take of myself I retake a small slice, and I’ve taken thousands stealing my soul back one sin at a time. I have touched the Devil’s hoof, fed his horse balderberries, and dulled his tempting knife, so wear the eagle feather in […]

  • Dec. 28, 2013 Run

    ~ ~ Photos by Lady

  • In Tuition

    secular city In Tuition I been Christian, athiest, agnostic, Buddhist, anamist most (though never communist) and through it all been blessed, yet see for most it’s Mao or less a mess, never what’s right or best, just how to bring in more by giving less. So all you takers, sharers, givers, stone-hearted killers, willers, millers, […]

  • 9-slice Cat Life

    Mandycat 9-slice Cat Life She’s in the soft spot, fur curled around tail, purr open, eyes closed. Cat on a cushion, cushion on the floor. Feline’s on a mission to make my heart adore. Rock-a-bye Mandy fur full purr warm in my arms, heart handy pure charm. I tell her, “We are your humans. You […]

  • Highku of Living

    highku Smith Mandycat jumped up on the bathroom sink, so I reached over, said “Look at this” and turned on a trickle of water. She wagged her tail and started lapping. Next time I went in the bathroom, she jumped up on the sink, looked at the faucet, looked at me, looked at the faucet, […]

  • Out at the In-laws 6

    in-laws 1 Out at the In-laws 6 Vroomin’ past Vrooman Road 60 miles east to ma-&-pa-in-laws house we go (Lady trying to sleep en route) for gifts and greetings and early Christmas eating amidst the snow and row (secret tokes outside in blow) and when done’s said instead of home to hide from cold 100 […]

  • Blue Breasted Boobies

    detail Smith collage Blue Breasted Boobies Lady’s changing to her running clothes (only 4 miles this morning). When she was topless I said, You know, we should paint your boobies blue, then we could call them bluebies, you could go blueberry picking naked and folks would never know you’re nude, they’d just say Look at […]

  • Lady of the Elf Woods

    the cat & the Lady Lady of the Elf Wood Happy happy bornday, Lady. Tomorrow is the ninth Christmas in our 8 years 3 months 2 weeks 1 day together. (9th of nth, solve for forever) These 8.2 years we be are 20% of your life, 12% of mine to date. (did we ever date?) […]