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I Am Not Made for This Crumbless World


I Am Not Made for This Crumbless World

If blueberries don’t wear shoes,
what does a blueberry cobbler do?

I’m a Yeti working on SETI
since I haven’t found much here.

Bach didn’t like bok choy,
so there was no Bach bok choy joy.

Why is a pair of pants one item?
A pair of pears are duo,
so when did one one become two?
Do two pant make a pants?
Which pant’s prime?
Will a single pant pair up at the cleaners?
Are panties young pants?
How does a panty pair?
When you buy two panties,
is that a pair of a pair of panties?
Does cutting panties with scissors
require one scissor per panty?
Can one repair a pair of panty inside a pair of pant?

What’s my sign?

— Smith, 12.24.2013

sum burst – fotosmith

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