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In Tuition

secular city

In Tuition

I been Christian, athiest, agnostic, Buddhist,
anamist most
(though never communist)
and through it all been blessed,
yet see for most it’s Mao or less a mess,
never what’s right or best,
just how to bring in more by giving less.

So all you takers, sharers, givers, stone-hearted killers,
willers, millers, shillers, fakers, shakers, sackers,
rackers, shrivers, markers, breakers, caretakers,
slave failures, pokers, prodders, ponderers, perusers,
pricks, pushers, pullers, uppers, downers, clowners,
inners and outers,
you know how cleaning up your act always starts tomorrow?
well tomorrow is today,
today is the new tomorrow,
clean-up starts today
or there’s going to be sorrow to borrow at bay.

— Smith, 12.30.2013

laterlight – fotosmith

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