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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for January, 2014


Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Outside the window of our third floor roost,
an afghan of sparrow’s flung on some wave of air
invisible fabric holding them together in relation

How do they determine itinerary,
do they swoop to scan, quick beads of eyes
detecting berries, bird feeders
from the high and wide?

Does the Mothering Energy of Nature guide them
from here to there, whispering to their collective
glide (check this area, stuff yourself over here)?

What do they remember, and how? What
is held in kernel and what is natural flow,
methodology lush for their condition?

~ Lady



Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Farmer Smith


Oh Little Girl Blue come blow my horn,
my sheep has left and I’m so forlorn.

Besides I’m allergic to its wool
and its baa-ing made me feel the fool.

Chicken’s nice but its feathers tickle,
the mice too small and way too fickle.

The geese bite and the pig’s too dirty,
though the cow’s cool, its eyes all flirty.

The horses don’t like horsing around,
and the moles won’t come from underground.

My best friend dog prefers neighbor’s cat
while the cat doesn’t know where it’s at.

The farmer’s daughter way down the lane
tried it once but won’t do it again.

The snakes are too fast and the frogs too wet,
the fish in the pond won’t answer yet.

I even tried it with soft warm mud
but it broke my stick and bent my bud.

So Little Girl Blue it’s up to you,
otherwise I don’t know what to do.

— Smith, 1.22.2014

Moroccan sheep – fotosmith


Secret Sins Unrewarded

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Secret Sins Unrewarded

Went vegetarian,
occasionally sneak bit of meat.
Mostly vegan,
but ice cream, chocolate, butter call.
Stopped eating boxed mac and cheese
because toxic food dyes,
potential GMOs,
and processed ingredients
are soul poison body poison mind poison.
Today bought a box and ate it all.
From first bite tasted bad, chewed wrong,
went down unwilling,
sat lumpish.
Secret sin no longer equals guilty pleasure.

— Smith, 1.21.2014



Check Please

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Check Please

I came to a fork in the road in the would,
and took the pathos less traveled.

I tried to glide in a spoon on the moon,
but slipped and splashed about in should.

Waiting for knife to fall on the disheveled,
was told I’d left the meal too soon.

— Smith, 1.20.2014



Thimble Solution

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

a tisket a tusket a pink and yellow bucket

Thimble Solution

A thimble, a barrel, a bucket,
that’s what mom said,
carry what you can,
don’t let bucket put down thimble
or barrel belittle bucket
because bucket could tumble any time,
barrel not far behind,
don’t judge lighter load lesser
for head or heart could hurt
or body broken pain unspoken,
so carry what you can,
barrel by bucket,
thankful for the thimble.

— Smith, 1.19.2014

Smith poem in Cleveland Street Chronicles,
once known as the Homeless Grapevine


The Incredible Shrinking Man

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

The Incredible Shrinking Man

I don’t know how to say nothing nohow
so don’t mind folk correcting me
because then I know less less than I did before.

Might enjoy being a drone clone,
one thing to do best I could,
no happy, no sad, just done did.

If no free will then give me my script
so I know my role,
what and when to do.

Free will different hat to fly,
have to pay own dime,
find own why.

Verse get shorter
more I see
less I no.


— Smith, 1.18.2014


Same Old

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Same Old

Samo samo sumo sez
lower down the higher res
yesterday done gone tomorrow
wake, need, bother, borrow
make coffee, coffee pee
bagel stomach, stomach poo
this and that and task too
done back then and day before
do again again once more
eat drink don’t last
sleep brief wake fast
catch bus walk wheel
oil squeak boss kneel
climb karma grade grid
herd world of old id
samo samo tell untrue
all is chance to better due
nice by shadow right by light
adjusting pitch to maybe might
so no more samo
sow some new
sew up old sum with new view
day by day by due do.

— Smith, 1.17.2014

complicated rhythm – fotosmth



Thursday, January 16th, 2014


Dusk dips, lights light,
moon trips high across sky,
crux of eye.

— Smith, 1.16.2014

Recorded an easy talking blues yesterday, . . . music, mix and recording by Peter Ball, word and voice me. Click here to hear Bad Blues Boy.

Bad Blues Boy (the song)

Hey Big Finger Brown, I’m Blind Money Davis
heard you been singing some blues
bout how I spouted a shout out at Buddy’s
before I done paid enough dues

Well Daddy No Know your psych slip’s been showing
like Stinky Eye Thompkins down patch
that dude do showed you harmonica blowing
his wife help you scratching that itch

There’s blues in the bramble,
blues in the bye-way, blues in the city too
strange ramble and amble and gambling damsel
I do pay my dues when I do

Well you didn’t do well with Boney Foot Hopkins
nor Lippy Jeff Bailey back home
guess for Foot there simply weren’t enough napkins
and Bailey you did in alone

Was I you I’d be watching my waywords my friend
best remember Washboard Blue Jim
he couldn’t remember his own chord in the end
and his chance of recovery’s slim

Oh there’s blues in the bramble,
blues in the bye-way, blues in the city too
through gamble and amble and rambling damsel
I do pay my dues when I do

I beat Sleepy Paul Skinny with fret board phrasing
play better than Big Yella When
I certainly handle harmonic stage phrasing
way cooler than 3-Finger Lem

So back off a bit you bitter bad blues boy
before we’re set up for a tiff
I’m not trying or lying here just to be coy
just hoping to soften sad if

For there’s blues in the bramble,
blues in the bye-way, blues in the city too
through amble and gamble and rambling damsel
I do pay my dues when I do

– Smith, 1.15.2014 aka Blind Money Davis

crux of eye – fotosmth



Thursday, January 16th, 2014


From the first time
we decided to make cups
it was civilization

Kindness cups
luxury libation on lip
bounty shared with kin

Like to say
witness our happiness, guests
with these taste tests
from our hostess

Cups, accoutrements for
convenience & ease

Wild pan dance dependent on
civilization, really, pressed fruit harvest
aggregate of agriculture, art & illustration helices
twining grape leaf flourishes

Drink, drink, eat, eat

Civilization like a condensate
Earth’s creation

Mud brick potter buildings
city hive womb–Nature

Bees looking out of windows
bees on balconies, hanging laundry
waving below, flagging arms o’er

on the boulevard to
starlit energy nightlife

Firelight in their free time, slipping
by pillars of columns,
bridges and

~ Lady


Winter Cleaning

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

use other

Winter Cleaning

Dead leaves leave stars in earthly wake,
blown calm in contradiction
as they flow the wind.

The placid usually end in powder,
lust to rust to dust,
no muss or fuss between.

And serpent is no slouch about,
but let him slouch without,
in here is just too near.

No rend wind rising,
just sound abound
in these by-ways of my mind.

— Smith, 1.15.2014

mindgames – fotosmth


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