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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for January, 2014

Eve Allusion

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


Eve Allusion

She sands sound into shape
of mood and pale moon,
the voice of casting calling,
says belief grows like weather,
that near and far are one,
a baseline spun by all,
for all,
that rock’s a heavy place
since thought escapes discerning
and unused ambits spirit way away
until we say there may be splendor
with neither artifice nor anger,
just leaf of life on tree untendered
in this garden uneven.

— Smith, 1.14.2014

Eve – fotosmth


Line Dance

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Line Dance

I rumba to the samba
and tango with the mode
of act and act’s reactions
to the tenor of the tone,
chance to dance soup sambar
when sombre and alone,
two-step the foursquare over
outside under zone,
backbeat and curtsey limber
round sound of dosey doe,
press the pretty parsnip
to the Parson’s pew
and prance the dance of dipping
doubtless due the duel
of the outer sniping
at inner use of you.

Me I muse the music
to tap and top and tell
the whoop of swooping movement
in the swope and swell
of play for higher orbit,
bounce about a bit,
best we not ignore it
since it is it it is.

— Smith, 1.13.2014

stage Lady – fotosmth


Wee Willie Wrinkle

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Wee Willie Wrinkle

My favorite dick’s gone boney peyronie,
looks like a broken stick of macaronie,
first heads north then bends southwest,
but at least it works, finishes test.

Even best baloney and Mona’s hair
ain’t stopping most folk from stopping to stare.

If I follow my dick I walk 360
circle circling my dizzy Miss Lizzie
and never no how no when get nowhere.

— Smith, 1.12.2014


A String Theory

Saturday, January 11th, 2014


A String Theory

A string of fotos with no one focus
be pearls together strung with time
to counter the courter of lazy locus
inside the pens of amiable swine
though caustic, is rather benign
in creative hocus pocus,
instead of ego’s plague of locusts
that scurry to worry the furrow of mind
entwined to fear
down the line.

What are we doing here
besides licking our hind legs in anticipation
of faking the face of the kind?

So many names for so many things
this part and partial of colossal sum.

A little later in the week
the lantern light did seek,
then closed its eyes
afraid to peek,
afraid the shade had dampened dark
in trading crow for lark.

Each song sung silly across the nation
lessens the sting of the crime,
opens the eye to the fine.

— Smith, 1.11.2014

Silly words made to make sense, the fotos full to follow.

from the Sara Holbrook/Michael Salinger collection

Clark Fable

Clark Fable

as the world turns


no bosses, no boyfriends

Cleveland winter



allelujah Lady

smilesmith – fotosmith


46°F Below Freezing

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

APL dog play yard

46°F Below Freezing

Minus eleven
degrees Fahrenheit freezes
our cold hot water.

At 14 below
we triple size the birdseed
servings and feedings.

So cold side mirror
of car cracked and popped casing,
which we lost to road.

On weekly dog walk,
they did not want to go out,
neither did we.

I am a lost soul
with darn few survival skills
for this mass living.

Am grateful to have
warm wife, electricity,
heat, shelter, and cat.

— Smith, 1.10.2014

all conditions – fotosmith



Thursday, January 9th, 2014


Ancient moon
hovering silently so high
nail sliver

Perfect circle portion witness
over chip and wale of lamb fields,
high wolf ridges

Dogs howl and sing,
remember their wolfenness
or sober, sleep in domestic bedding

Cats make their own security
purr themselves happy
tails twitching
like firelight

We look up to the moon
some chalk not easily plundered
awesome, distant, pure
moment of stillness

What is human wolf
to human dog in terms
of moon — did our
chimpy ancestors
look up?

Or is moon
more our thing
used to decorate art
and myth, vehicle
for parsing reality into

Can we see moon and sun
as features of same thing?

More fundamentally one
than two?

Purr ourselves whole howl?

Shepherd wolf lamb oneness?

Do birds look up at it? (The moon)
Do fish?

How does our
mammal softness
with its rocks
and towering light?

~ Lady


Old Cold

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Old Cold

Shake the cold age of the cold cage of old age.
Break it down to clone and clown
and kick it to the curb.

— Smith, 1.9.2014

Water pipes froze yesterday when we hit -11° . . . lost hot and cold in kitchen and hot in bathroom. Fortunately we had electricity and heat and bathroom sink cold water. Bought a couple small electric heaters and by 10pm flowed again.

Now where’s the cold age heater?

ice stage – fotosmith


Walkin’ the Dogs

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Walkin’ the Dogs

My Lady of the Softhearted wanted to walk dogs
so trained me to help her do her do.
Oddly enough, doo is what I do do.
I pick up doggie doo,
new fresh stinky soft smeared in grass poo,
with bags sometimes holey
so unholy stanken stinkens my mind
six eight dogs a week.

Della, Gus, Leah, Lurch, Aubrey, Patchouli, Zander, Angler, Kili,
Bender, Knight, Kifli, Brandis, Spot, Buster, Tic-Tac, Bandit,
Candy, Spicy, Oldenberg, Cinnamon, Stolen, Julie, Sophie,

Dog day rose to 32°F,
dropped 27 degrees by dog walk start,
-1° by end,
-11° tonight,
zero noon tomorrow.
Dogs want out until they get out,
We don’t want out at all.

Sawyer, Riley, Scrabble, Rain, Almond, Fang, Schweppes,
Diamond, Dugan, Blackie, Princess, Jasper, Lebron, Nala,
Chupa-Chups, Spice, Lucan, Pinwheel, Greenbean, Summer,

Some be pullers, sniffers, players, lovers, lickers, shit eaters,
the fresh shit full body rollers the worst.
Some tremble from past people problems,
need loving, coaxing, patience pure.
The saddest being the uncaged wanting,
paws on chest, eye pleading
“This is barbaric, don’t lock me in here!”
But the best be the best be there be
is when there’s trust in joy,
the moment now.

Silent Night, Apple Cider, Bambur, Carrot, Eggplant, Dori, Poor Guy,
Hans Solo ,Chewbacca, Princess Lea, Merino, Hansel, Gretel,
Lucky Girl, Damper, Dominic, Luna, Butler, Bugger, Miles,

In 1964 I stood next to Rufus Thomas
in a hole-in-the-wall Memphis record shop.
Knew his name, knew his hit,
didn’t know him.
When he left the owner said
“That was Rufus Thomas.”
“You mean Walkin’ the Dog?”
“Wow, wish I’d known.”

Five decades later, I know walkin’ for sure.

On Lassie, on Rin Tin Tin, on White Fang, on Blue,
on Old Yeller, on Beethoven, on Bolt, on Marmaduke too,
dash away dash away dash away all.

— Smith, 1.8.2014

CLICK to hear 1963’s “Walkin’ the Dog” by Rufus Thomas.

dogma – fotosmith



Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


Elvis was
a beefcake hunk chunk
big pile o’ corn beef

Meat bleating cheese,
blue moon aperitif

Metamorphosis from pretty boy
to scrutinized excess
of himself

The avenue of appetite

Decadent plenitude,
salty thumpy zipperedness,
busty rhinestone luster

Lips right outta Salvador Dali’s
magical surreal luminous objects,
vanguard of forever, amen

~ Lady


Single Cycle Unigram

Monday, January 6th, 2014

they went that-away

Single Cycle Unigram

The heat comes, the heat goes.
The cold comes, the cold goes.
Grass grows, gourds grow.
Leafs fall, fade, rot,
become heat, become cold,
become mold,
feed grass, become gourd,
same old.

— Smith, 1.7.2014

cold cage – fotosmith


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