Month: February 2014

  • Psycho Point pumpkin plan

    Psycho Point pumpkin plan Dark Shadow Back home in Psycho Point folks use chainsaws to carve their pumpkins. Never saw no results though, just lot’s of blood and pulp. – Smith, 2.28.2014 think about it

  • Perpetual eMotion

    Be well Perpetual eMotion Anger’s like love, the more you dish out, the more you have. Letting it out packs more in. That shark gotta move, find, feed, feed, find. I prefer smooth, laid back, eased mind, doing nothing at all, yet all, letting is seep in, seep in it, wash in and out. – […]

  • Queen Bee

    Queen Bee I tangle with the angle tussle with the tone huddle with the humble as I stumble to atone being lone and leftish but that is who I am so no to why and worry let’s just spread some jam let us bumble on the crumble jelly in the ma’am Queen Bee being busy […]

  • So or Soar

    soulfood So or Soar Some say sharks must keep moving or die. I know people like that. We, kids, parents and more grow in a culture soup consisting of insisting happiness is big tits, long dicks, fast cars, shiny shoes, champagne clothes, $700 hamburgers, and illegal immigrants who work for free. Social mantra is move, […]

  • Ms. MandyCat

    MandyCat Ms. MandyCat Hold her to my breast. Hear burblechirp in her chest. Love her birdcoo purr. – Smith, 2.24.2014 Recorded song below week ago but didn’t post because the music swamps the vocals – but now I think on it, that might not be such a bad thing, so here it is. Click here […]

  • Inadvertent Angels

    Krakow, Poland, 2006 Inadvertent Angels She’s walking down the street here to help our hinder to see we dodge defeat then slips away forever says it’s chance we meet beneath angelic flavor He ambles down the lane where I wrestle fixing flat insists no time explain must buy tube and that is that by time […]

  • Inner Rx

    rage Inner Rx I get this rage when I see wrong and have to stop, breathe, say “No thank you, I will not respond wrong with wrong,” repeat until rinsed, smile. – Smith, 2.22.2014 clearlight

  • Feng Shui

    new day rise Feng Shui I. Some unaware this flows into that, that decent belly density is desired. II. The dark night of the soul is twentyfour seven, but you get time off for good behavior. III. May way less stress move over earth and calm the waters. It’s list ticking time to prime for […]

  • Bakers Shoeman

    bird on wire Bakers Shoeman Working at the shoe store seeing ladies’ thighs, seeing ladies’ thighs, seeing ladies’ thighs, working at the show store seeing ladies’ thighs, heaven is a state of mind. But since eyeballs bring no commission, and pussy don’t pad the paycheck, cash’s more important than the flashes. – Smith, 2.20.2014 excerpt […]


    STEVEN B. SMITH Time with you is treat, a boon, something I’m used to but boon, like familiar warmth of bathwater, something I can dip into at most any time. I can dip into the bath; I can dip into your arms, your voice, your attention, the co-creating of fun… This is one of your […]