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News Cruise

The winter of our discontent

“A lot of people don’t have much food on their table but they got a lot of forks ‘n’ knives and they gotta cut something” – Bob Dylan from Talkin’ New York, the 2nd song on his 1st album, 1962. (thnx for my friend Stone Ranger for reminding me of this)

News Cruise

I read less news lately.

It’s the same old same old ever hyped as the new new now
about how the the powerful are cheating lying killing us
(which they are)
with their denials reported as equally factual
(which they aren’t),
and which entertainers are wearing bonking ingesting denying.

Latest lamo is the bait-click:
‘this is the funniest grossest important amazing thing in your life,
you won’t be able to believe, it’ll blow your mind . . .’
if the posters believe their hype,
they need to get a life, read history, start conversing
with people whose brains are being used.

It’s all the less-valid hyped as most-important,
the old Roman bread and circus hocus pocus
to keep the citizen sheep content so they won’t realize
they’re being fed slop before being sheared, killed, and eaten.

Decent people are dying
from greed, bigotry, sexism, lack of water, food, sanitation,
or to profit the military industrial complex.

World wide corporations are killing bees and frogs and Mother Earth
with pollution, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms.

American munitions slaughter thousands if not millions
as politicians line their pockets and pay their mistresses with our taxes
and corporate bribes.

Our President assassinates people without due process
(as if there could be due process for murder).

And who cares about the NFL violence called football,
an organization filthy rich which pays no taxes
yet offer their lackeys millions to maim on prime time?

What matter what dress Miley Cyrus doesn’t wear?
I mean I’ve seen her tits and heard her hits
and once is more than enough.

We best decide if people or profit’s more important
because the way we’re going is death to all:
you, me, them, Mother Earth.

We contain good yet wallow in greed,
don’t have to do what we do,
can be better, change our thing,
is up to us our no or go,
we either choose or lose.

This is Smith reporting backside the mirror.
Thnx for tuning my news.

– Smith 2.5.2014

May your future flow go better – fotosmith

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