new piece by Lady K., untitled, 5″ x 6″

Ablution’s Way

As I rise in morning wake
if All wills, a toke I’ll take

for morning buzz because I can
in my daily unmeasure of man

as I seek which street to sweep
for my soul’s clean to keep

all to rise above the little stuff
for sometimes kind is just enough

so hello day let’s walk this way
compassion, listen, patience, play

and if grass goes and I can’t toke
at least I’m in on the joke

so buzz buzz be and coffee be
bringeth forth my morning bee

I’ll buzz here and write words there
and take fotos of everywhere

and scout about and sniff and wheeze
and report back if you please

so you’ll know there’s some odd hole
down the road to soothe your whole

cuz where you glow is up to you
go due your done and fun your do

– Smith, 3.21.2014

new piece by Lady K., untitled, 5″ x 6″

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