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Kitchen Net

Kitchen Net

A double dose of dal boiling on the stove,
chopped tomatoes on glass cutting board
glisten in almost spring setting sun
sneaking through the low 20’s cold window.

Under the table the cat humming on rug.

Around the table Lady and I.

The street bought table top aged past scratched
enameled worn white finish.

On the table beside the tomatoes
poems for next issue of The City printed on paper,
wrong color box of Color the Gray to be sent away,
jar local raw honey, dried currants,
roasted peanuts in shells, olive oil, bananas,
vegan chocolate bar half eaten,
green tea, homemade apple crumble bars,
ceramic mushroom salt and pepper shakers
with irregular holes and no bottoms,
bamboo back scratcher with twine entwined
to go catfishing for cat, Bee Culture mag,
jar assorted mixed salted nuts,
sunflower seed oil, U.C.C. donation envelope,
green marker, Runners mag,
business card for auto art, seed catalog,
booklet for electric water fountain drinking bowl
we bought the cat today, wheat buns,
Veterans for Peace flier.

The tomatoes go into the frying pan with
hing, oil, bay leaves, sweet paprika,
mild chili powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds.

The Basmati rice boils,
suntracks cross Persian rug.

“This is toor dal, not Barbie doll, right?”
I ask my Lady droll
as she adds ginger, turmeric, salt,
mango powder, garam masala.

Later be blender blending
and reusable liquid in Tupperware on table
and birds singing same seven notes
and nightfrog croakings from her laptop
me cleaning as she cooking
and laterer there will be forks and food and folk
but that is that poem
and this is this poem
and the dal is good.

– Smith, 3.24.2014

apple crumble bars

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