Red clay bird by Lady, foto by Lady

Out at the In-laws 8

Drive out in cold and wet and gray
To lucky redbird made from birthday clay

Mad mosquito copters tangle cook’s hair
Cat thanks to dogs won’t come from its lair

Electronic collar on Bugger dog beeps
Him from going too far outside keeps

Picachu bird eats tater chip from hand
Dodging toy copters intruding his land

My sculpture woman white in cage rust
On back porch gathers green mold and dust

Lady’s old artwork hangs on the wall
Rust red corrosion in blue copper all

Mud and snow and ice and slick soft soil
Lead downhill to pond ice too weak to roil

Lady stands silent on edge of dock wood
Cold in the old of this iced neighborhood

I in the basement secret tokes take
Aligning the social so everything’s jake

Sweet 17 candles on cake for two old
whose ages add up 132 fold

Lady spends weary way home in seat sleep
While I our four wheels on the road keep

– Smith, 3.16.2014


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