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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for March, 2014

Tawdry Tales for Tykes

Friday, March 14th, 2014

ain’t that ducky

Tawdry Tales for Tykes

Chameleon and Monkey
stopped for chamomile tea and coffee
and Chameleon chamomiled past cup and spoon
while Monkey jumped over the moon
so Monkey slowed with opium
and Chameleon tried speed
which you should never do
even in need.

Hey diddle diddle the cat’s now a fiddle
the cartoon is crossing the room
so try to play nice while discussing the price
of slicing the slope of the womb
splicing reel life to the worn
to brighten balloon
over storm.

– Smith, 3.14.2014


Year of the Dog

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

mystic mountain

Year of the Dog

I sit in lamp of low light moon
inside this sideways snow
blowing cold and old
and much too long and strong for March
smoking peace pipe with myself
in seek of vision, questing mountain,
coyote companion, trickster avatar,
for the paths below slim and wither
wanting different tread to go
and so it goes
and grows
and hopefully someday
after many many mithers
as each we slide and slither
hither thither
wander ever wider whether
knowing never if the wonder wins
even though the win is in begin.

– Smith, 3.13.2014

Here’s some backside the mirror tarnished brain music I rather like . . . a song about too long winter and too slow spring we recorded yesterday during a March blizzard (8 days away from spring).

Click here to hear Puddin’ Pie . . . Peter Ball music, mix, recording, me word, voice.

Puddin’ Pie

Spring’s a’creepin’ round the cold
Tippin’ tappin’ cicle toes
Snowin’ white on pre-green leaves
Branchin’ bare before belief
Peepin’ creepin’ seekin’ sun
Shinin’ smile on everyone
Flowers burstin’ bloom in bright
Celebratin’ warmth and light

See you soon some warm spring wow
until then please forgive this crap
seems I cannot shut my trap
cuz of then not bein’ now

Heavy clothes slow disappear
Bits of skin show here and there
Flesh emergin’ cold cocoon
Wolves a’howlin’ higher moon
Lake loons leapin’ laughin’ mad
Children playin’ out in glad
Simple rhymes like these leak through
Basic poet doin’ do

See you soon some warm spring wow
until then please forgive this crap
seems I cannot shut my trap
cuz of then not bein’ now

But till then I’ll be so bold
To predict more Cleveland cold
Ice and snow and wind and blow
Cuz you know spring sure comes slow
Leap and love and lick and like
Have to hold on real tight
Till gloom and gray play their pass
Or I can afford to buy some grass

See you soon some warm spring wow
until then would you forgive this crap
seems I cannot shut my trap
cuz of then not bein’ now somehow

– Smith, 3.12.2014



Devil in the Do Tales

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

fire down below

Devil in the Do Tales

Whet don’t slake, treat don’t cure
what’s at stake I’m not sure
but when it break, it ain’t pure
if you can’t relate, I ain’t your your
make no mistake, greed is lure

Shakin’ in the makin’
makin’ in the shade
be careful what you’re takin’
with you to the grave

How many tooths in a tube of toothpaste?
How much waste in the haste of man?
Where’s truth for use of good taste?
What’s the chance of the frying pan?

– Smith, 3.12.2014

more fire down below


Continental Divide

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

new fog, old window

Continental Divide

New fog rolls into old valleys
softens grime in time.

The young play shine and sheen,
fresh trinkets on worn string.

Color fade in shade of age
charade of self as thing.

– Smith, 3.11.2014

old corner, new poem



Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

So often unadorned, just
presenting themselves as they grow
into whatever they’re pushing into,
disheveled, but characterized
by almost obsessive

Denigrated and hated
in a kind of reverse bigotry

A bigotry
against themselves, too
as they’ve permitted it, derided into
beer-can sloth, giving keys
to the random

That’s a kind of denigration
society’s had–that expectation
of men, and we’ve left many
little place to be, little role

There’s more to life

what it is you think
about men and if
that is something
with human rights
to happiness
and self-actualization

Stop abusive projections

Herald instead
seers, caretakers
dancers, musicians
tinkerers, thinkerers

When you look at a man
wonder what it is he likes to do
and would like to be if all were well

Assume it’s gonna be:
dwell on it

~ Lady


Theory of Life

Monday, March 10th, 2014


Theory of Life

There are three roads you can travel
three routes you can roam
three ways you can waggle
three ways to perform
in birth life death passage

You can succeed at what you came to do
and die

You can finally fail in life lesson
and die

Or you can keep sincerely trying
and sincerely flailing
and live forever.

I ride road three

– Smith, 3.10.2014



Blender Gender Blues

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Holly Would

Blender Gender Blues

I’m confused . . .
Pop Tarts are quite popular,
yet Mom tarts are called whores
(though whores are pretty popular too).
Is this sexist?

Belly bump back, back bump belly
gonna go jack my jam in jelly.

What’s so bad about the booby prize?
I love boobies, so it sounds like winning to me.
Used to play Peek-a-Boob as a child,
and child wild yet I am.

As the giants of the pliant industries always say,
flee fly flow fuck.

Speaking sexually,
once saw a Möbius stripper at a bachelor party,
the performance was endless.

Lurkin’ in the merkin
with the pussy underground.

– Smith, 3.9.2014

see that girl with the red dress on
she can shake that thing all night long


Posey Poesy Puddin’ Pie

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Cleveland Winter

Posey Poesy Puddin’ Pie

Spring’s a’creepin’ round the cold
tipping tapping icicle toes
raining white on pre-green leaves
branching bare before they believe
peep and creep in seeking sun
shining smile for everyone
flowers bursting bloom in bright
celebrating warmth and light
heavy clothes slow disappear
bits of skin show here and there
flesh emerged from cold cocoon
wolves howl higher at the moon
lake loons leap in laughter mad
children play outside in glad
simple rhymes like these leak through
as basic poet does his do
shameless in greeting card rhyme
not even running from his crime
but until then I’ll be so bold
to predict more Cleveland cold
and ice and snow and wind and blow
cuz as usual spring comes slow
so leap and love and lick and like
I’ll see you soon some warm spring night
until then forgive this crap
I simply cannot shut my trap
cause all that’s then and this is now
just have to hold on somehow
until gloom and gray play their pass
or I can afford to buy some grass

– Smith, 3.8.2014

coming spring – fotosmith


Rat Dog Snake

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Rat Dog Snake

We three in family
Year of Rat woman
Year of Dog man
Year of Snake cat
wish to know where it’s at
what’s it all about, Alfie?

– Smith, 3.7.2014

me, she, she in chronological order
dog, foxy Lady, cat – fotosmith



Thursday, March 6th, 2014


chic will get you all riled
up atavistic

– Smith, 3.6.2014

Apocalyptica – fotosmith


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