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Archive for March, 2014


Thursday, March 6th, 2014


Suppose you’d never cooked for yourself
or others, you just microwaved your meals

And then suddenly, you had an epiphany
and opened a book or someone
taught you some things

And there you are making
all manners of good stuff

That’s like being lifted onto
a new, better plateau
all of a sudden

And suppose by some grace of God
like a reprieve, you found yourself delivered
to a park with your partner or family member
or friend and out of their pocket
comes a fruit in sections
for sharing

And the wind, be it
gentle or something to
be endured–it’s a delight
because you are finding your
animal self again outside and
remembering to breathe
maybe even sudden
gusts like some hand
priming the fire of your
lungs with bellows

And what it was like to
be a kid in outdoor rawness

You learn this recipe
and you put it in your book
one of many delights in your

“Recipe for Enjoying Each Other
and Oneself Outdoors with
Fruit in Park and Wind.”

~ Lady


neZ Zen

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


neZ Zen

Lying in hot bath eyes closed
sweat running down face
silently chanting
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
in my heart head
the chant bought in San Francisco
in 1966 for six dollars
that being 48 years ago
makes it twelve and a half cents per year
so far
which is a reasonable return on spiritual investment
especially since it was a set-up
me thinking the two attractive Asian girls
inviting me to the suburbs
were into romance
but arrived at a Buddhist temple instead.

It wasn’t Zen but like John Lennon said
I don’t believe in Buddha or Christ
or Marx unless it’s Groucho
so I chant half to myself
half to the Conscious Cosmos
and half to whatever’s in-between.

They say chant sez
Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra or
Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law
I didn’t know that then
and don’t know much now
but agree with go and flow.

In Sanskrit
Nam ~ devotion to
Myo ~ to open, strange, mystery, miracle, revive, life
Ho ~ law, principle, doctrine, death
Myoho ~ supreme law of Buddha
Ren ~ lotus
Ge ~ flower
Kyo ~ sutra, teaching.

For me it’s more a multi-levular way
of saying thanks to the Cosmos for the fun of my life
or soothing reminder to calm down let anger go
and buffer the boredom down here in the food chain.

Chant’s 761 years old
I’ve had it 48 so far
six percent of its life
seventy percent of mine
as I truck along
in spite what those along the way
thought of my chances
in this left foot right foot eyes down mouth closed world.

All harmony to the Dharma.

– Smith, 3.5.2014




Live at 5

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

unmade collage 1

Live at 5

Looking at today’s headlines
such as “Yoda Is a Lima Being”
and “King Kong Escapes from Apiary”
I see we’re in perilous times
what with rumors spreading
like “Is Yoda Kermit’s Love Child?”
and “Overcast with the Underclass!”
reminding me of back in the daze
when Clitoris Day and Rod Hugbuns
starred in “Pajama Parting”
and Mickey rode Annette full of jello
beneath big round mouse ears
while “The WereLama and the DalaiWolf”
showed at the local sin in maw
which causes me to ask
just what are the ramifications of ramekins
for mannequins in this age of instant gratification
for they say it’s a sticky wicket world
sticky with you that is, and to you, through you
just like this form Letter from the Editor
“Ship hiss duck grunt to your cork smoking mother tips”
he growled between his miss.

– Smith, 3.4.2014

unmade collage 2


someone didn’t listen

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

someone didn’t listen


Life and Crimes

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

the Lady & the lamb at FarmPark

Life and Crimes

Two pasts impact my present:
being raised on a farm on Paradise Prairie
in the heart of the Inland Empire
in the Great Pacific Northwest 1953-60
my first 50 weeks of drugs in 1968.

Wife and I toured Lake FarmPark today
saw fine quilt show
then rode 2-horse wagon
first to maple syrup shed
where learned 40 gallons thin clear tree sap
cooks down to one gallon thick dark maple syrup
and I wondered
how many failures, mistakes, omissions
cooked down does it take to make one good human
what number temptations must be served and severed
before sinner becomes saint
then on to the greenhouse to talk cow milking
and dwarf pancakes
before the barn for baby sheep, goats, humongous horses
me thinking they’ve taken my childhood
and turned it into a museum
I mean my mother made quilts
and I milked a cow and could show them how
then flash on last week’s bicycle ride
stopping in ice and snow and blow
before shop window with calendar showing January 1968
the year and month of my first grass
next to the Electric Prunes single
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
next to Quicksilver Messenger Service
next to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
all three I had in 68
now next week I turn 68
still trying to find my way
find instead my childhood’s a museum on a farm
and my youth a shrine in a vintage window
and both are for sale
so what’s next down the line
a porn film from my 20 years of celibacy?
a sitcom of my year in jail?
a film noir of my first marriage?
late night TV ads offering my best bloopers?
travelogues of our out-of-state adventures?
where-are-they-now-and-why-weren’t-they-ever-here exposes?
and bottom line
just when do I start receiving my commission
on all my life and crimes?

– Smith, 3.3.2014

Lady’s posted her Winter 2013/14 issue of The City featuring poetry and art by Meridianna Reborn, Sam Hubish, Geoffrey Landis, Heather Ann Schmidt, Bree, Meribeth Hutto, Jesus Crisis, Adam Brodsky, Dianne Borsenik, Mary E. Weems, Geraldine Green, Lady K, and me. Check it out at

for sale


Medicine Wheels

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Medicine wheel

Medicine Wheel

The people we call Cheyenne, Crow, Sioux say instead
the Painted Arrow, the Little Black Eagle, the Brother People,
all three working walking the four ways
of the many spokes of the medicine wheel,
a one-size life-size steering wheel for all,
its living flame larger truth in water,
cloud, flight, sacred smoke,
sundanced day,
moondanced night.

Circle your water rocks on the ground
quartered east, west, north, south
each to their own master,
and follow until your see your reflection
in the mirror of your river
self to self selfless,
at last honest

Walk wheel,
work heal.

– Smith, 3.2.2014

Medicine wheel


One of these Daze

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


One of these Daze

What weird ways my brain doth go
when no one’s around to know
it seeps and stews with plans of gain
plotting soap opera Grand Design
somewhere down the cultural line
when I get a clue as to what to do
to enhance my brand with bells and brass
instead of falling on my ass
in crude undue
as usual.

– Smith, 3.1.2014

new piece, Tree of Life, 12″ X 16″, collection Cynthia Piper


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