Month: April 2014

  • Arachniphonia

    poetic inspiration Arachniphonia A tarantella is a dance, while a tarantula is a spider. If I get the latter on me, I do the former. – Smith, 4.30.2014 There, that may do it, I’ve written and posted a poem a day for 7 months, 212 days. Will keep writing a daily poem just to see […]

  • Lollipop Op

    Mouse Dreams, 36″ x 48″ x 24″, 1991, Steven B. Smith Lollipop Op Pastels and chiffon and fuzzy pink sweater unbuttoned with my teeth leaving small breasts blooming in heat of unrelease in servitude to looming decade dating daunt scared to steal a kiss if ever came the chance afraid of the affront but secret […]

  • no go

    No Go Take out pocket key look at right one put wrong one in – Smith, 4.28.2014 Lady woke me from dreamscape too soon. We were being chased by two agents in cheap suits, Mr Big and Mr Small. They wanted something off my camera, but I didn’t know what. Mr Big sat down with […]

  • Electra

    Electra Electra Ain’t no sinner sicker than a sinner in the Lord, no viper bite more bitter than when daughter turns on mom. Or what sister thinks of dad. – Smith, 4.27.2014 subconscious

  • Main Street

    Main Street In an old five and dime in an old college town a seed stand sings me a song forget-me-not mourning bride bachelor’s button periwinkle dwarf jewel double gaiety mission bells cheerio sun gold crackerjack thrift I take a walk in the park and a toke in the temple re-singing their tune in my […]

  • Bee-ginner Kit

    Bee-ginner Kit Got the beehive head and the beehive hands and the beehive got the beehive tool and the beehive feeder and the beehive smoke got the beehive wax and the beehive frames and the beehive veil now all we need are the bees after we paint the box and build the stand and read […]


    Peace in the swinging outta bed, / peace in the laying into

  • Back Alley

    skyhand Back Alley People get lost in nooks, the nooks and crooks and sometimes the crannies too, not granny crannies or booker nooks or even crooked crook crooks but kooks and cravings and unwashed bathings and the flat footed vagaries of too cooked arteries of oft farted smarteries leaving lust in the dust with the […]

  • The Bro Grin Tales

    Oozy The Bro Grin Tales I’m itchy she says as she turns and squirms. You must be one of the seven dwarfs, I inform, there’s Itchy and Squirmy and Dirty and Oozy and Gooey. We always wondered which was worse Oozy or Gooey but I choose Oozy cuz who knows where that stuff comes from […]

  • Out at the In-laws 9

    Lady’s Dali Out at the In-laws 9 I look at my notes and there’s no poem here except everything’s a poem we’re all poems coupled in free verse rhyme like the time I dated a poem-poem girl who dumped me when my palms grew hair but that’s not fair not here not there for here […]