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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Bee Blessing

our first bee box drop

Bee Blessing

We watch the bee box drop
new life into old colony
holding yesterday’s honey
ten thousand bees from Georgia
and one boxed queen
who’s slipped between the honeycombs
box and all
then the bee box whacked
and poured in
ten thousand bees tumbling
we leaning in learning for next year’s hive
when Lady points at bee on my leg
which crawls onto my hand
poses for fotos
and goes on to her for more
blessing be bee she me
before she returns it to hive

– Smith, 4.10.2014

Saw our first bee box dropped into a hive yesterday at our beekeepers class. We’re having a hive next year, learning this year. As you can see from the guy’s handful of bees, they tend to be gentle creatures.

A song from a padded room, or for one, after the fotos.

you can see how gentle they are

As I told Peter about this first of two tunes recorded Tuesday, the music is interesting but the vocalist sucks.

I can say that since he’s the music and I’m the vocalist.

I don’t know what this is, but it sounds like roller rink music on acid played on a fonograf that randomly keeps slowing down and speeding up, with the singer in a padded room.

Click here to hear Boot Foot Boogie

Boot Foot Boogie (the song)

Dance in line or lining dance floor
square the whole in holy down
step a wiggle wag a waggle
chance in more to slide around

Gonna do the boot foot boogie
move us somewhere down the line
without weaving too much a boozy woozy
but by dancing in and out of time

Do the here and now not later
don’t ever do the been before
score the slick and sliced tomato
do the doggie four on floor

Cook some serious mashed potato
serve it soft with scrambled egg
then get back to boot shoot shuffle
dance the warp and woof of pain

Swerve curve of cosmic cuddle
shake a leg in rock religion
hot foot hoof it back to grand
the pump of jump in jive is given

Doin’ here and now not later
never do the been before
doin’ slick and sliced tomato
dancin’ doggie four on floor

Liven up this nest of rhythm
novel notch our time in tide
jump start some rhyme in reason
in this slide of time we all abide

— Smith, 4.8.2014

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