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Flood and Flux

future flood

Lady has her new online issue of The City up at The City featuring art and poetry by Cynthia Piper, Maxwell Shell, Abdul Ben Camel, Geraldine Green, Linda New, Daniel Bellinger, Geoffrey A. Landis, Bree, Mary Platz Hughes, P.M. Pope, Jen Pezzo, Lady K and me.

Flood and Flux

Call me Cain but I’m not able
to understand the game
or its aim unstable
younger brother wants my sister twin
so do I
with sis of his my trade in take
which ain’t jake
so Adam set us to contend
in sacrifice to God
Abel’s burnt meat stench rose high
accepted sweet in Allah sky
while my sweeter vegan way
of grain and grass and veg of fruit and plane
tossed aside
and that I will not abide
as I am first on earth of woman born
though Adam not the dad I see
cuz snake and Eve seeded me
in Eden ending mystery
birthing misery more than man can justify
by tide, time, why or try
thus lust, must, dust is thrust
in sin and wind within begins
so what now or say when
we’re heading for a flood again
to wipe it clean
send in new team
set up tents, raise the rents
start new dents
till accidents get out of hand
and God repents, re-clears the land
and it all goes round again
and again
till final loss or win
oh what the heck I give in
it’s your game your shame
your same old say
so you go play it
cuz I quit

– Smith, 4.7.2014

after the flood

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