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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for April, 2014

Ennui Go

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

glad tack

Ennui Go

Ennui one way no way all
catch em while they’re big
and make em small
problems that is
after all
life goes on
things go right
things go wrong
learn to nip and tuck the trail
earn your moves through lifetime trial
ain’t no one right
just many less wrongs
cuz right for me ain’t for you
and your redo undoes my due
so be nice to others
be nice to self
all the rest leave on the shelf

– Smith, 4.12.2014

do the sonic



Saturday, April 12th, 2014

For Dad (and everyone)

Good health thrubbing in you
like the newness of a fetus
the calmness of
a heavy curtain of sleep
closing your eyelids
or whatever accounts
for well-rested awakenings

Like seasons clock the year
good health in you

Fluid ease into Spring
that wet warm earthy breathing
and at the other end of the year
clenched cold that strengthens,
regulates us

What I draw for you now is
not just theoretical chalk
but our own Simon’s world
made in living real color

rosining my bow
on a cello
getting the best
of upswing
and down

Learned ear and capable fingers

A super intelligent hedge fund manager

Reality as system elevated, system exercised,
exorcised of illness

Vivaldi’s seasons
with salad, fruit,
whole grain bread
and lentil soup

Good health enduring in you
like a perpetual motion machine
or at least a long lived one, the
cathartic oxygenating after
great aerobic workouts

The syrup of your blood able,
capable, hardy, strong
and stable

~ Lady


Not Inane

Friday, April 11th, 2014


Not Inane

I ask Lady
How come it’s always urinate, never myinate or ourinate?
What makes it innate to you but not me or us?
If you’re eating in, once you’re done have you in ate?
How does one initiate the innate while staying at the Inn 8?
Does in eight days make a John Lennon week?

She replies
I don’t know, maybe urinate is Eurocentric
whereas myinate is Mayan,
while the rest of your request is inane
and cannot be answered in aim.

– Smith, 4.11.2014


Speaking of inane, after hearing our two songs we recorded this week, I told Peter Ball the music was interesting but the vocalist seriously sucks . . . he’s the music, I’m the vocalist.

In this one I sound like an befuddled prospector trying to tell a tale he doesn’t know anything about . . . may not be very good, but at least it’s short.

Click here to hear Life Lump Dump.

Life Lump Learn (the song)

I’m heading for the real grande
gonna cross to the other side
over here’s too tight and antsy
too many hamster wheel rides

Got no eye coins for my ante
no smooth tongue to loose abide
cuz my pay is way too scanty
no money oil to grease my ride

We all crazy less or more
down here in the data dump
need to see through ore to core
to help us trump life lump

Start the map to get wheel rolling
chance perhaps to upword use
seed of weakness keeps controlling
must herd hard to place of couth

Repair tin heart with love’s oiling
stumble through the truth of youth
aim for good and keep bad roiling
make em laugh, avoid misuse

We all crazy less or more
down here in the data dump
need to see through ore to core
to help us trump life lump

– Smith, 4.8.2014


Bee Blessing

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

our first bee box drop

Bee Blessing

We watch the bee box drop
new life into old colony
holding yesterday’s honey
ten thousand bees from Georgia
and one boxed queen
who’s slipped between the honeycombs
box and all
then the bee box whacked
and poured in
ten thousand bees tumbling
we leaning in learning for next year’s hive
when Lady points at bee on my leg
which crawls onto my hand
poses for fotos
and goes on to her for more
blessing be bee she me
before she returns it to hive

– Smith, 4.10.2014

Saw our first bee box dropped into a hive yesterday at our beekeepers class. We’re having a hive next year, learning this year. As you can see from the guy’s handful of bees, they tend to be gentle creatures.

A song from a padded room, or for one, after the fotos.

you can see how gentle they are

As I told Peter about this first of two tunes recorded Tuesday, the music is interesting but the vocalist sucks.

I can say that since he’s the music and I’m the vocalist.

I don’t know what this is, but it sounds like roller rink music on acid played on a fonograf that randomly keeps slowing down and speeding up, with the singer in a padded room.

Click here to hear Boot Foot Boogie

Boot Foot Boogie (the song)

Dance in line or lining dance floor
square the whole in holy down
step a wiggle wag a waggle
chance in more to slide around

Gonna do the boot foot boogie
move us somewhere down the line
without weaving too much a boozy woozy
but by dancing in and out of time

Do the here and now not later
don’t ever do the been before
score the slick and sliced tomato
do the doggie four on floor

Cook some serious mashed potato
serve it soft with scrambled egg
then get back to boot shoot shuffle
dance the warp and woof of pain

Swerve curve of cosmic cuddle
shake a leg in rock religion
hot foot hoof it back to grand
the pump of jump in jive is given

Doin’ here and now not later
never do the been before
doin’ slick and sliced tomato
dancin’ doggie four on floor

Liven up this nest of rhythm
novel notch our time in tide
jump start some rhyme in reason
in this slide of time we all abide

— Smith, 4.8.2014


Head Heart

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Head Heart

40 pounds of wild bird seed
doesn’t last long feeding
3 morning doves, 2 blue jays,
4 cardinals, couple red-winged blackbirds,
multiple grackles, 1 squirrel
and 50 to 100 juncos and sparrows
who dine daily seed swallow
below third floor window
who sing for us to come out and play
then sing again when seed gone way
song in ear
song in heart
song in head
song head start

– Smith, 4.9.2014


Boot Foot Boogie

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Boot Foot Boogie

Dance the line or line the dance
square the whole hoedown
step a wiggle wag a waggle
chance the slide around
gonna do the boot foot boogie
move us somewhere down the line
without weaving boozy woozy
but by dancing out of time
do the here and now not later
don’t ever do the been before
do the slick and sliced tomato
do the doggie four on floor
cook some serious mashed potato
serve it soft with scrambled egg
best get back to boot shoot shuffle
dance the warp and woof of plan
swerve in curve in cosmic cuddle
shake a leg in rock religion
hot foot hoof it back to grand
the pump of jump in jive is given
livens up our nest of rhythm
novel notches time in tide
in which we all abide

– Smith, 4.8.2014


Flood and Flux

Monday, April 7th, 2014

future flood

Lady has her new online issue of The City up at The City featuring art and poetry by Cynthia Piper, Maxwell Shell, Abdul Ben Camel, Geraldine Green, Linda New, Daniel Bellinger, Geoffrey A. Landis, Bree, Mary Platz Hughes, P.M. Pope, Jen Pezzo, Lady K and me.

Flood and Flux

Call me Cain but I’m not able
to understand the game
or its aim unstable
younger brother wants my sister twin
so do I
with sis of his my trade in take
which ain’t jake
so Adam set us to contend
in sacrifice to God
Abel’s burnt meat stench rose high
accepted sweet in Allah sky
while my sweeter vegan way
of grain and grass and veg of fruit and plane
tossed aside
and that I will not abide
as I am first on earth of woman born
though Adam not the dad I see
cuz snake and Eve seeded me
in Eden ending mystery
birthing misery more than man can justify
by tide, time, why or try
thus lust, must, dust is thrust
in sin and wind within begins
so what now or say when
we’re heading for a flood again
to wipe it clean
send in new team
set up tents, raise the rents
start new dents
till accidents get out of hand
and God repents, re-clears the land
and it all goes round again
and again
till final loss or win
oh what the heck I give in
it’s your game your shame
your same old say
so you go play it
cuz I quit

– Smith, 4.7.2014

after the flood


The Daring of Id on the Flying Striptease

Sunday, April 6th, 2014


The Daring of Id on the Flying Striptease

I am wolf and I am shepherd
pushing forward to the flock
through pasture sparse and rock aplenty
hoping for a better plot
but in sheep the few fare finer
when their angles match their ought
so am I meat
or am I motion
I’ve a notion both are true
one is finer
other firmer
neither one alone will do
best on betting balanced duel
at least from what’s been true for me
how about you?

– Smith, 4.6.2014



The Lady & the Train

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

the Lady

The Lady & the Train

An hour out of Lodz, Poland
pronounced Woodge
rhymes with ooze
long time iron curtain town
gray used chipped broke broken bombed
poorer version of Cleveland
and we’re an hour north of town
walking miles to train
to take us to train to Krakow
walking miles in sun
seventy pounds on each our backs in packs
sweat streaming down faces into hidden places
walking fast to make it
Lady stops, says “I can’t do this”
takes her Grandmother’s full length heavy heavy
1940’s leather and suede coat out of her pack
and lays it on the edge of the road.
“I can carry it until we can ship it home”
I offer, but no, we go
she ten pounds lighter happier
breathing belief again.

We make Lodz train
which stops ten minutes from the station
stops and stays, and stays, and stays
eating our connection
finally reach station
look at board out of time
run to gate
find it boarded with construction
knowing no Polish, not knowing gate
we run random when woman shouts “Krakow? Gate 1”
(angel know, I wonder?)
run fast backpacks flapping upstairs cross platform
see train pulling out
Lady runs and LEAPS onto the train
raised arms catching the side of the roof
body hanging down past open door feet dangling
pack pulling her toward track
me running behind trying to lift her up
help her through door
which we did somehow
though I do not know how
go find our compartment
sit in relief
when I wonder
are we on right train?
While I worry
she turns, shows me her hand
surprised says, “I broke two nails.”

I’m telling you
don’t ever get between Lady and the train
because in the story of the Lady and the Tiger
I’d bet on Lady.

– Smith, 4.5.2014

and the tiger


Just Like Starting Over

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Just Like Starting Over

Coffee in the dark
bright thought in the room
part to offer spark
other lessens gloom

Prime the pump to get the jump
on good and right and joy
yesterday gone and with it wrong
today is new employ

Don’t fret the lack
don’t worry why
Superman’s back
watch me fly this sky

– Smith, 4.4.2014

(continued after fotos, new song)

Recorded 2 songs Twosday . . . here’s the first, although it’s not a song but a recitation with music, my version of Little Red Riding Hood & the Werewolf.

Music, mix, recording Peter Ball, words and vocal me.

Click here to hear Li’l Red Ridin’hood

Li’l Red Ridin’hood

Hey littl girl what you doin’ tonight
full moon’s up and the sun’s outa sight
fur’s poppin’ out all over my arms
wet tongue’s stretchin’ my wolfen charms
nose gettin’ longer, brow pushin’ out
your pheromones explodin’ in my snout
inner hunger howlin’ at moon up sky
sniffin’ whiffen your hot honey pie
we’ll seek small game for midnight snack
then get right back to snack in crack
afterward we’ll stroll through the gloom
howl healthy high at the very low moon
three full moonsful I’ll be this way
give us a chance for primitive play
before I revert back to my stick of man
having to weigh what it legally can
my werebrain’s smaller but it don’t care
cuz fun factor’s larger everywhere
so howl pretty baby give me a lick
let’s run through this wild lickety split
forget yesterday’s gone or tomorrow ain’t here
cuz the guilt of your Freudian fear ain’t near
let’s jam the thicket, let’s jelly the lane
cuz for three nights babe there’s no sin, no blame
let’s run and fall and feel and sprawl
flow with the wild in guttural call
we ain’t gotta live the life of the tame
don’t have to leave the same as we came
we got the goods, the moves, and the will
hey pretty baby let’s play away society’s ills


Copyright (c) 2009 Smith & Lady
Designed by Lady K