Spring sprung
Worm squirm
Bird flirt alert

– Smith, 4.16.2014

Wrote this two days ago when it was 78 degrees and the birds were courting in the sun. Guess after yesterday’s and today’s snow and cold, it ain’t “finally” after all.

Tomorrow we try again. Maybe spring will come back for my poem.

Woke with portion of remembered dream. Lady and I were flown in a cargo plane to a desert plain in Africa. Got out, walked across the sands with a knobby walking stick that kept getting stuck, then climbed an extremely steep cliff which had many people wearing only loin cloths perched on its face. I climbed three-fourths the way up, turned my back to the cliff, planted my stick, and stared out over the plain. Guy next to me asked if I knew what was going on and I said I had absolutely no idea where I was or what I was doing there, and he said incredulously, “You mean you don’t know what’s up top?” I said no, and as he opened his mouth to tell me, I woke. Good dream, but bummer waking before the revelation.

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