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Unassembly Line


Unassembly Line

‘Sometimes during assembly
it is best to be two people’
the instruction sheet dissembles
and I laugh at this gaff
as if I could get me down to two
to yes and no and right and wrong
and here and there
instead of all faux everywhere
for many much outside my head
needs me to be mirror and mat
for this and that
and other else from selling shelf
to play the elf
because you and you and you and you
can’t use true fool
so I’m many mans with but two hands
two eyes to store the many more
two lives to live for many give
to dance a jig in game of rig
in sacred is
the many win choose me to lose
in sly reply no asking why
just human biz
while me and me and me and more
walk through the door
answer bell
so say can say that tell can sell
the just not quite assembled right
with screws untight
and might unright
and win again
yet yen no end
beginning in this wheel unround
the reel unsound
so oh to be a Steppenwolf
with but two me’s to be
two eyes to see
to close this gulf
or even more
to be just one
in one fine sun
I would adore

– Smith, 4.17.2014

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