Month: May 2014

  • Rules of Retention

    Rules of Retention Knot the not with knowing reason, solve the sum of some in parts. Just as season follows season, after bleeding healing starts. New strange you’s are calling upward, to sing song of purer sound. The old what was got no reward, ancient ways need look around. Walk the walk of others walking, […]

  • Creature Feature

    lifecycle Creature Feature I am the offsprung of Sisyphus and a hamster wheel, spawned in the great rodent race of now, running ever faster to slower get ahead of the pack since I’m the food and they are hungry. So run little me but where will I go? the pantry’s closed and the food’s getting […]

  • 47 Steps

    sin dealer from the womb 47 Steps Down three flights to basement start two load wash come up back down load 1 in dryer come up down remove dry replace wet up again down get dry up down with third load of sheets back up for forgotten top sheet down with upper sheet up for […]

  • Ego

    ego Ego Ego slip slides in on around and low below seeking praise to win, Turning rock rolling stock bestowing ought or not to humble showing. Raised to beat meat, demand entire street, sneak sour to sweet, Self parade going, with no one else in glowing, others needs mowing. Walking endless path, the heart and […]

  • Out at the In-laws 11

    Out at the In-laws 11 Moving with the wind driving under sun heading east for a Memorial Day feast of fresh-cut fresh-cooked French fries and yard-grilled yard grown asparagus shared amid ma-in-law’s despair of spargus regrowth, with veggies and hummus, sitting in sun splash, shadow shake shifts around as hummingbirds swoop and sweep in court […]

  • Sisyphus

    not Sisyphus Babies having babies, children raising children, endless cradle rock. – Smith, 5.26.2014 no

  • Origami

    unfallen flowers Origami Flowers fold and fall, embrace the earth, rot to not, renew, rise to sky. – Smith, 5.25.2014 falling flowers Found these poison ivy lines. Leaves of three, let it be. Hairy vine, no friend of mine. Berries white, danger in sight. Longer middle stem, stay away from them. Red leaflets in the […]

  • Spring

    spirit from flesh Spring The soft new green leaf sprouts from the hard brown tree branch like spirit from flesh – Smith, 5.24.2014 spirit

  • Lullabye

    lullaby in birdland Lullabye Breathe out baby, see what tomorrow brings. May as well wait cuz can’t undo today’s sting. Sun may shine, flowers may grow, Or fun could pine and showers show. Get through today, hope for tomorrow. We walk our own way, carry own sorrow. Daddy ain’t rich, Mom’s dead and gone, Life’s […]

  • Yen

    Yen Had I my way, the world would be at peace and fair, and we’d all be out on the porch sitting in the sun, bees buzzing, breeze blowing, slow toking, coffee sipping, writing poems, listening to friends, family, folk picking, playing, harmonizing, hope and happy on horizon, the past a purr of catnip cream. […]