Creature Feature

I am the offsprung
of Sisyphus and a hamster wheel,
spawned in the great rodent race of now,
running ever faster to slower get
ahead of the pack since I’m the food
and they are hungry.

So run little me
but where will I go?
the pantry’s closed
and the food’s getting cold,
rock won’t roll and don’t didn’t hold,
it’s getting on and we’re getting old,
no ninety minute ending,
no finish to script
without the tickle of crypt.

– Smith, 5.30.2014

Got this email from Peter Ball: “Dug up a Mutant Smith oldie (such a goodie!) from nine years ago and gave it a fresh paint job and a new toupee. Remember Bad Light? Now we have Bad Light 2014! Crash!

I don’t remember . . . it sounds like a collage of my early odder attempts at song. Click here to hear Bad Light 2014.

door of perception

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