I’m featuring Friday at the Shoreway Poets Gypsy Bean & Baking Company reading, 6:30pm, open mic after . . . June 27, 2014, 6425 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH, (216) 939-9009, southeast corner of Detroit and W 65th. hosted by Marian Anzalone.


Night sky growls
flashes lightning
rumbles rain
licks leaves with wet water wind
humidity clasps me to its slick bosom.

Tire swish outside window
ghost cars going to get gone
gone to get going.

Stuff has gone before
stuff’ll go again
don’t know what except this:

There is no resolution
no final score alive
and maybe not after
at least this side divide
no retire lay back jack
condense one’s knowledge
mull mine experience
pass on good bad.

We’re all temporary grouping
continuous happening
radiating all directions
and none
each of us screen and projector
writer, director, star
extra, thief, and cross
paying to sit in dark
munching psychocom and coma
booing hissing rooting ourselves on
not knowing we are what we’re watching
thinking we are something else.

– Smith, 6.24.2014

rabbit at rest

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