Posting tomorrow’s poem tonight because I might lose laptop for couple days since Lady’s laptop crashed and she may need mine to do her paid webwork.

Bit of a slog right now – $700 put into the car yesterday for front end wheel bearings, $300 last month for muffler, computer costs coming up, more out than in in the old American way. Be smoking Carl’s $8 legal herb mix for awhile


Help earth peace:
more vagina, less penis.

– Smith, 6.26.2014

I’m featuring Friday at the Shoreway Poets Gypsy Bean & Baking Company reading, 6:30pm, open mic after . . . June 27, 2014, 6425 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH, (216) 939-9009, southeast corner of Detroit and W 65th. hosted by Marian Anzalone.

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