Bird looking to feed
but worm is aching to plead,
which the greater need?

– Smith, 6.22.2014

Lady’s latest seasonal service to Sister Earth is a summer solstice reading at Heron Boardwalk, outdoors in the MetroPark unless weather herds us into the nature center. Today, Sunday 2:30pm – 4:00pm —

Lady has issues with the city, in this case her summer 2014 issue of City Poetry at which she posted last night featuring the art and poetry of Jeffry Chiplis, Steve Thomas, Kristen Tenzek, Russell Vidrick, John Swain, Ashley Bovan, Maxwell Shell, Terry Provost, Kevin Eberhardt, Meribeth Hutto, Kate Lamberg, Bree, pmpope, Sandy Eberhardt, Adam Brodsky, me, and editor/publisher Lady K.

A fine issue visually and verbally available just in time to help shape your summer flow.

pull for answer

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