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Online ads have upped their aggression – many now hide the stop button so you cannot stop them or turn the sound off. Others wait a minute after you’ve clicked on the site so you’re down in the middle of the article before they start their obnoxious dump so you have to scramble about the page to see where the lies are coming from. A third ad cheat is when they give you an X to close it but cheat and take you to their product instead.

They need to realize there are folk like me who when exposed to that type of uncivilized behavior add that product name to their never-buy list. You don’t win me as a consumer by being sleazy.

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Welcome On In

We’re shipping empty boxes
one for every gland
and you can lend a hand
to help us plan our grand ellipsis
of foxes guarding chicken pen
we have so little order
are losing lesser larder
so we spin ‘n grin it
as suitboys put their non cents in.

We really have to slip this.

A food for every hunger.
A heart for every need.
A hug for every sadness.
This is plead to seed.

– Smith, 6.27.2014

I’m featuring tonight at the Shoreway Poets Gypsy Bean & Baking Company reading, 6:30pm, open mic after . . . June 27, 2014, 6425 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH, (216) 939-9009, southeast corner of Detroit and W 65th. hosted by Marian Anzalone.

please clean up after your human

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