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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

my 2nd singing (in public)

Mad Sing You II musicpoetry Fest – foto by Yogi Jen

Yesterday was special for me performance-wise. The night before, Lady and I decided she’d join me singing a couple verses of my reggae song and play a bit of her angklung as well, an instrument whose Indonesian tones fit reggae perfectly. When we told Shawn Mishak just before our set (he’s the leader of the group Kid Tested, and the music portion of yesterday’s set), he said fine, maybe she would like to play his new metal pan of amplified push pins as well, it was something he’d been thinking of trying for awhile.

Started off with me shouting out a talking blues over Shawn’s avant garde guitar improvisations and Lady’s dropping push pins onto metal, then swishing them around. The second song was to be reggae with Lady singing the first verse, then ending with a verse she’d ad-libbed earlier, but instead of reggae, she went all Kim Gordon Sonic Youth on me and started spitting the lyrics out like bullets and hitting the angklung hard and dropping the push pins following Shawn’s gritty guitar, and I saw my lilting reggae blown away by punk bombers and gleefully went along with em. What a perfect set, totally unexpected, we all heard what we heard when we heard it for the first time, all my precepts tossed. Don’t know what we sounded like but it sure was fun, and perhaps my best reading to date.

Thanks to Yogi Jen for the fotos.

Mad Sing You II musicpoetry Fest – fotos by Yogi Jen

Mad Sing You II musicpoetry Fest 7.20.12014
Pat’s in the Flats
neon by Jeff Chiplis – fotosmith

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