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bees n blueberries

Lady picking blueberries

Broke my poem a day run after 278 poems. What with yesterday’s social activity plan of helping inspect a beehive, followed by blueberry picking, followed by blueberry jam canning, I ran out of time and found myself falling asleep as I tried to write last night’s poem so said the heck with it and went to bed. So that’s done. Feels so strange not to be looking for today’s poem. Maybe learn to blog again.

If you want to experience hell on earth, try using Windows 8 operating system on an Asus R503U laptop computer . . . in 39 years of computer use, 8 is the worst operating system I’ve seen, and the ASUS is a genuine nightmare piece of expletive-deleted.

The ASUS changes size of screen on its own while you’re typing, it arbitrarily moves the cursor around the screen so you start typing somewhere in the middle of your paragraph, it goes to links by itself if the cursor stays on a link too long, plus an endless number of more complaints. Been using it a year now and I’ve finally stopped cursing it daily, figure it’s a zen lesson in patience. Windows 8 is basically a touch and swipe o.s. for smart fones and tablets – has little to do with actual laptop work.

Lady checking bees

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