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climate change, income inequality, racism, sexism

Lady tried to get folk interested in setting up a scholarship for an African American student, and it made me uncomfortable because race is such a sticky wicket, so I’ve been thinking about it – where does race place in the world’s problems?

Going by numbers alone, our #1 problem is climate change because that affects 100% of humans on earth regardless of income, sex, age, race, or belief . . . it is also killing plants, air, animals, birds, fish, seas, and soil.

#2 is wealth inequality since it affects a minimum of 99% of folk on earth.

Race is #3 because it affects all non-caucasians, or around 82% of the world population, perhaps even more since there is much non-caucasian racism as well.

# 4 is sexism because it affects 51% of humans.

Frequently folk are hit with all of the above simultaneously, such as a poor non-white woman anywhere on earth.

This is a shallow analysis because there are so many more problems like lack of healthcare, education, shelter, water, etc, but many of these are sub-components of the four problems above.

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2 Days from now down in the Flats
7 poet-music acts for a Sunday afternoon

2nd Annual poetrymusic Fest
Sunday July 20, 2014, 1pm – 4pm
a 21 and over show
Pat’s in the Flats
2233 W. 3rd St (bottom of Literary Hill)
Cleveland, Ohio
$5 cover charge


Latex Menagerie
(spoken word by Bree, Adam Brodsky & Russ Vidrick)

Shelley Chernin

Jesus Crisis Ban/ne/d
(guitarist Jj Haaz & poet John Burroughs)

Tom Adams w/ Goggles Pisano

The Deep Cleveland Trio Band
(dan smith, Morgan Ellington, Miles Budimir & Eric Anderson)

Terry Provost
(backing band, the Rickety Claque, featuring Dave Shaggy Snodgrass)

The Leftovers
(featuring Steven Smith & Shawn Mishak)

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